Facing Giants

“You can’t handle this. It’s time that you admit that your problems are just too big. These problems have taken down better people than you.”

That’s what one voice whispers in your ear as you lie awake, thinking about the challenges in your life.

But what about another voice?
What does God want you to know about your ability to face giants?

Join us in November as we begin the "Facing Giants" sermon series.

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en·coun·ter. verb:

  • to have or experience (problems, difficulties, etc.)
  • to meet (someone) without expecting or intending to

  • This October, Galilee invites you to grow in your faith through our Wednesday night Encounter program. We want you to come and share a meal with us. You can bring a friend or your family. We’ll be sitting around tables and talking about the gospel. It’s church, but it isn’t like church on Sunday morning. We’re hoping that through Pastor Jason’s teaching on the Book of John and our personal discussion, you’ll meet with Someone you weren’t expecting.

    Got time for dinner on Wednesdays?
    We’ll meet 6:30-8:00 October 1 to November 12

    To RSVP for Encounter, please click here.

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    Thanksgiving Dinner

    On Friday, November 21st, join Galilee UMC as we host a Community Thanksgiving Dinner for local schools, including our Backpack Buddies partner schools. How can you become involved?

    PRAY- Pray for all those who are involved with planning the event, the students, and staff.

    VOLUNTEER - Volunteer to help at the dinner. Click here to sign up for volunteer opportunities for the dinner.

    DONATE - Visit the pocket board outside the Sanctuary and contribute an item to make the dinner a success.

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    Galilee Family Photo sessions
    November 20th - 22nd

    Do you ever see people and wonder what their names are? Have you ever heard an announcement regarding a member and wished you could put a face with a name? Are you a new member and wish you had something to help you put names with faces? Help is on the way!

    We are producing a pictorial family album!

    There is no cost to have your photograph taken, and you will receive a complimentary 8x10 portrait and directory for participating. You will also be able to view your images electronically immediately after photography. At that time, you will have the opportunity to purchase additional portraits to share with family and friends. Schedule your own appointment today.

    We look forward to seeing you!

    Galilee families click here to schedule Leisure World families click here to schedule

    Upward Basketball 2015

    The 2015 Upward basketball program will be starting soon at Galilee. Practice and games start in January with the season ending in March.

    Registration open now, click here

    Registration fee is $120 with an option to purchase shorts for an additional $15.
    Multi-child discount of $10 for 2nd, $15 for 3rd and $20 for 4th+

    Coaches receive a 25% discount.

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    Backpack Buddies
    Gets A Facelift!

    The Backpack Buddies Program has a new look for the 2014-2015 school year! We have launched a new user-friendly website that offers you the ability to stay connected, volunteer, and donate to the program.

    Also, the next time you are at Galilee, please stop by the newly redesigned pantry (Room 304), which now offers our team the capacity to expand the number of children we serve and reduce packing times by half.

    Do you want to make a difference in a child’s life?

    Join us by visiting www.mybackpackbuddies.org

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    It's Here!

    Ever wanted to access the Galilee Sermons, Calendar, GPS guides or other resources from your phone or tablet device?

    There's an app for that!

    The registration for our new Galilee Mobile App is complete and we invite you to download it to your smart phone or tablet as soon as you can.

    The Galilee app is compatible with either Apple or Android devices, and can be downloaded through the iTunes App Store or on Google Play by searching for Galilee United Methodist Church.
    It's free, give it a try today!

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