Better Angels

Better Angels is a nonpartisan organization seeking to bring people together in polarizing times by creating robust discussions that temper animosity between left and right, lessen disconnect between citizens, and engender politeness, cooperation, and service in our country.

There will be an all-day workshop for Better Angels at Galilee on Saturday, October 26. This will be Better Angel’s premier event, at which two teams of volunteers who self-identify as “Red” (generally conservative) or “Blue” (generally liberal) sit down together and run thru various exercises aimed at increasing civic awareness and understanding. Sound scary? It is, a bit! But in a society that is seeing a fraying of the ties that bind us as community members, Galilee wants to be a place where we do something about it.

If you’re interested in attending the workshop as a Red or Blue participant or as a neutral observer, click here for the sign-up. We need ten participants and we already have five. 

If you have questions about what “Red” or “Blue” means or what the workshop entails, watch the videos below from our introductory meeting on September 19. 

September 19 Introductory Meeting

Galilee hosted a Better Angels session on September 19 to introduce the group and its practices to curious church and community members. We watched a documentary film entitled Better Angels: Reuniting America and had a question and answer period with Mel Pine, the regional coordinator for Better Angels here in Northern Virginia.

Pastor Jason’s introductory remarks to the meeting can be found here.

If you are interested in watching the documentary, click here.

The Q&A session:

Contact Mario at or Pastor Jason at for more information.

Sign up for the Oct 26 Better Angels workshop.