Guest Speaker Bobby Ford

June 21, 2018

It was a special Annual Conference this weekend, as Galilee’s Matt Sergent was ordained as a full elder in the Methodist church. He’ll be serving as Senior Pastor at Andrew Chapel UMC beginning July 1.

Bobby Ford delivered a sermon full of song and truth.

All of our pastors, many of our lay leaders, and more than a few of our congregants made the trip to Hampton Roads to see Matt ordained. In their absence, we welcomed Bobby Ford, lay servant at Macedonia UMC in Winchester, as our guest speaker. He did a terrific job, and we thought you might be interested in learning more about him. So we interviewed Bobby, who comes from Pastor Jason’s former congregation. First we asked him about his background.


Bobby:  Three months ago, I started a new job with an audiovisual firm in Manassas. That’s after working 25 years at a newspaper. My wife, Donnell, and I were teenage sweethearts and have been married since 1992. We have two children. Savannah is in grad school at Marymount. Noah is a junior at James Madison. Our dog and cat, Moses and Ovi, rule the house.

Galilee: In your sermon, you mentioned that Pastor Jason played a role in your spiritual development. What did you mean?

Bobby: Jason showed tremendous support in helping me find a way to use gifts and talents to spread the word. He allowed me to speak from his pulpit on material that I wanted to dig into. He gave me a platform through music and let me grow as a worship leader and musician. I always feel as if I’m more engaged and building my relationship with Christ if I’m working on a sermon or a song. So, Jason’s trust and support – and just being able to talk to friend about faith – meant so much.

Galilee: You’re obviously a practiced speaker and musician. How do you come by these talents and how do you put them to use?

Bobby: God uses us all in different ways and he gives us gifts and experiences from which to build. I started in radio doing sports play-by-play and was writing sports for a local newspaper when I was 15. I have been in professional media ever since (I’m 47)—until three months ago. So, I’m comfortable talking in front of people, performing as it were, and I’d like to think I can write well enough that I can make a point and keep people from either throwing stuff or leaving.

Galilee: What are the differences, do you think, between a church like Macedonia and Galilee? How are we the same?

Bobby: The main difference I saw Sunday and in earlier visits was scope. A good example is that your Backpack Buddies program is based in a full room, where our Bookbag Ministry is run out of a closet. They are both focusing on a need in the community, both have people with a heart for the Lord making it work, and both are providing food to kids and families who wouldn’t have it otherwise. The difference is numerical. I see one God working through two church families to reach His children.

Galilee: What are your impressions of Galilee?

Bobby: What struck me being in your space is that you have a beautiful sanctuary. The stained-glass cross is stunning. I love the history of the physical church grounded in the community, and the ministry of Galilee for the community. I’m amazed at the growth of the area every time I’m out your way. I’m old enough to remember when County, Valley, Park View and Broad Run were the only high schools in Loudoun. A trip to Broad Run when I was growing up to watch Warren County meant seeing a bunch of corn and then, hey, there’s the school. Not so much now!

Bobby’s sermon, like all services at Galilee, was recorded. You can watch it here.