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Essentials: Survival Gear for Faith

June 8, 2017 7:55 am Published by

I lift up my eyes to the mountains— where does my help come from? My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.” —Psalm 121:1-2 Any climber who attempts the highest peak knows that there is gear that you cannot leave behind. It is the same with following Christ. Certain practices and principles are essential. This summer, we're going to look at the disciplines that help us stay on the right path with God.  Our sermons series is called Essentials: Survival Gear for Faith:

  • July 23 - “Playlist: The Soundtrack of Your Journey” Watch | [powerpress url="http://www.galileeumc.org/wp-content/sermons/media/Sermon_07_23_2017.mp3"]Listen | Focus
  • July 16 - "Fulfillment: What Charges Your Batteries?" Watch | [powerpress url="http://www.galileeumc.org/wp-content/sermons/media/Sermon_07_16_2017.mp3"]Listen | Focus
  • July 9 - "Illumination: A Light on Your Path" Watch | [powerpress url="http://www.galileeumc.org/wp-content/sermons/media/Sermon_07_09_2017.mp3"]Listen | Focus
  • July 2 - "Provision: Food and Living Water" Watch | [powerpress url="http://www.galileeumc.org/wp-content/sermons/media/Sermon_07_02_2017.mp3"]Listen | Focus
  • June 25 - "The Map to Your Destination" Watch | [powerpress url="http://www.galileeumc.org/wp-content/sermons/media/Sermon_06_25_2017.mp3"]Listen | Focus
  • June 18 - "Relationship Lifeline" Watch | [powerpress url="http://www.galileeumc.org/wp-content/sermons/media/Sermon_06_18_2017.mp3"]Listen | Focus
  • June 11 - "Worship" Watch | [powerpress url="http://www.galileeumc.org/wp-content/sermons/media/Sermon_06_11_2017.mp3"]Listen | Focus

Pentecost Sunday and Confirmation

June 5, 2017 7:15 am Published by

And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved” -Acts 2:21 The story of Pentecost is the story of us. We are given a new identity as a gathered community, the church, enlivened by the Holy Spirit. Everyone is invited to join God’s new family! In that spirit, we will celebrate Confirmation at the 11am service. Welcome to the church, Confirmation Class of 2017.

  • June 4 - "Everyone" Watch | [powerpress url="http://www.galileeumc.org/wp-content/sermons/media/Sermon_06_04_2017.mp3"]Listen | Focus

Extraordinary Women of the Bible

April 19, 2017 11:24 am Published by

“Adam called his wife’s name Eve, because she was the mother of all living.”  - Genesis 3:20 A persistent thread woven throughout the Bible is the story of how God changes the world through ordinary women. In an era of patriarchal society, the Bible (Old Testament and New) lifts up women and shows how God chooses to ignore man-made categories of prejudice to accomplish miracles which inspire faith in people even today. “Extraordinary Women of the Bible” is a six week worship series.

  • May 28 - "The Woman at the Well" Watch | [powerpress url="http://www.galileeumc.org/wp-content/sermons/media/Sermon_05_28_2017.mp3"]Listen | Focus
  • May 21 - "Mary Magdalene: Faith-Sharing Disciple and Friend" Watch | [powerpress url="http://www.galileeumc.org/wp-content/sermons/media/Sermon_05_21_2017.mp3"]Listen | Focus
  • May 14 - "Rebekah: Irrespective of Imperfections" Watch | [powerpress url="http://www.galileeumc.org/wp-content/sermons/media/Sermon_05_14_2017.mp3"]Listen | Focus
  • May 7 - "Hannah: Surrendering, Waiting" Watch | [powerpress url="http://www.galileeumc.org/wp-content/sermons/media/Sermon_05_07_2017.mp3"]Listen | Focus
  • April 30 - "Ruth: Loyalty and Love" Watch | [powerpress url="http://www.galileeumc.org/wp-content/sermons/media/Sermon_04_30_2017.mp3"]Listen | Focus
  • April 23 - "Mary, Mother of Jesus: Courage" Watch | [powerpress url="http://www.galileeumc.org/wp-content/sermons/media/Sermon_04_23_2017.mp3"]Listen | Focus