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Pray First by Pastor Jason Duley

August 28, 2014 3:54 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

It's no secret that in busy Northern Virginia, we struggle with priorities. That’s the reason there is such traffic, because we’ve all got places to be. There are important jobs to do at work. There are relationships to nurture at home. We need to get to school, to the airport, the home improvement store, the gym. There’s sports practice, dates, appointments, groceries, you name it.

We have as many things on our minds as we do on our plates, and we struggle with what should come first. Some think that God should come first. And doesn’t that mean that in all things, prayer should come first?

The pathway to God is laid with prayer. Galilee United Methodist Church invites every busy Northern Virginian to our summer sermon series, “In All Things—Pray First,” as we explore the encouraging prayers of the Bible and learn the power of prayer through the lives of praying people.

New lead pastor Jason Duley examines actual prayers from the Bible.

Come worship with us this summer and witness the power that prayer has to inspire and motivate. Learn to improve and deepen your practice of prayer. Come have your heart touched to act in loving service so that we may lay down burdens and break down barriers!

Pastor Duley says: “As pastor my hope is that in response to these sermons, people will write out a prayer goal, write personal prayers in a journal, prioritize prayer as the #1 activity for the average day, and increase prayer by five minutes a day.”

Pray first. Does that sound like a priority?

  • Week of Aug 31st - Pray First - Isaiah's Prayer - Send Me - Pastor Jason Duley
    Watch | [powerpress url="/wp-content/sermons/media/Sermon_08_31_2014.mp3"]Listen | GPS Guide
  • Week of Aug 24th - Pray First - Jabez' Prayer - Enlarge My Territory - Pastor Jason Duley
    Watch | [powerpress url="http://www.galileeumc.org/wp-content/sermons/media/Sermon_08_24_2014.mp3"]Listen | GPS Guide
  • Week of Aug 17th - Pray First - Moses' Prayer - Go with Us - Pastor Jason Duley
    Watch | [powerpress url="http://www.galileeumc.org/wp-content/sermons/media/Sermon_08_17_2014.mp3"]Listen | GPS Guide
  • Week of Aug 10th - Pray First - Eliezer's Prayer - Give Me Success - Pastor Jason Duley
    Watch | [powerpress url="http://www.galileeumc.org/wp-content/sermons/media/Sermon_08_10_2014.mp3"]Listen | GPS Guide
  • Week of Aug 3rd - Elijah's Prayer - Answer Me
    Watch | [powerpress url="http://www.galileeumc.org/wp-content/sermons/media/Sermon_08_03_2014.mp3"]Listen | GPS Guide
  • Week of July 27th - Pray First - Solomon's Prayer - Pastor Jason Duley
    Watch | [powerpress url="/wp-content/sermons/media/Sermon_07_27_2014.mp3"]Listen | GPS Guide
  • Week of July 20th - Pray First - Hezekiah's Prayer - Deliver Us - Pastor Jason Duley
    Watch | [powerpress url="http://www.galileeumc.org/wp-content/sermons/media/Sermon_07_20_2014.mp3"]Listen | GPS Guide
  • Week of July 13th - Pray First - Jacob's Prayer - Bless Me - Pastor Jason Duley
    Watch | [powerpress url="http://www.galileeumc.org/wp-content/sermons/media/Sermon_07_13_2014.mp3"]Listen | GPS Guide
  • Week of July 6th - Pray First - Hannah's Prayer - Remember Me - Pastor Jason Duley
    Watch | [powerpress url="http://www.galileeumc.org/wp-content/sermons/media/Sermon_07_06_2014.mp3"]Listen | GPS Guide

A New beginning

June 28, 2014 3:26 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

  • Week of June 29th - A New beginning -Pastor Jason Duley
    Watch | [powerpress url="/wp-content/sermons/media/Sermon_06_29_2014.mp3"]Listen | GPS Guide
  • Week of June 22nd - Teenage Spirituality - Andrew Hall
    Watch | [powerpress url="http://www.galileeumc.org/wp-content/sermons/media/Sermon_06_22_2014.mp3"]Listen | GPS Guide
  • Week of June 15th - God The Cornerstone - Rev. Matt Sergent
    Watch | [powerpress url="http://www.galileeumc.org/wp-content/sermons/media/Sermon_06_15_2014.mp3"]Listen | GPS Guide
  • Week of June 8th - Why I Love Galilee - Pastor Wayne Snead
    Watch | [powerpress url="http://www.galileeumc.org/wp-content/sermons/media/Sermon_06_08_2014.mp3"]Listen | GPS Guide
  • Week of June 1st - Confirmation
    Watch | [powerpress url="http://www.galileeumc.org/wp-content/sermons/media/Sermon_06_01_2014.mp3"]Listen | GPS Guide


May 28, 2014 3:15 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

  • Week of May 25th - Forgiveness Part 3 - Seventy Times Seven
    Watch | [powerpress url="/wp-content/sermons/media/Sermon_05_25_2014.mp3"]Listen | GPS Guide
  • Week of May 18th - Land of the Lost
    Watch | [powerpress url="http://www.galileeumc.org/wp-content/sermons/media/Sermon_05_18_2014.mp3"]Listen | GPS Guide
  • Week of May 11th - Forgiveness Part 2 - Families
    Watch | [powerpress url="http://www.galileeumc.org/wp-content/sermons/media/Sermon_05_11_2014.mp3"]Listen | GPS Guide