Way to Go, Class of 2020!

2020 is going to be remembered as an extraordinary year. Students won’t forget it, because a whole quarter was wiped out when the Covid epidemic shut schools across the country in March. 

For Galilee, this matters for two reasons. First, we are a school! Galilee Christian School is a preschool and aftercare program that fills a whole wing of our church. Secondly, we have so many church members who are students. Many of them spent their last day in their particular school or college without receiving their proper due. 

We celebrate all these students! Please take a look at our grad slide shows and also the pictures of our last day of preschool, which we celebrated with a social distancing automobile procession.

God bless the class of 2020 and all our students! A special thought goes out to the students moving between elementary and middle or middle and high school. They are not represented here, but we celebrate them, too.





We love the students and teachers of Galilee Christian School!

Have a great summer everybody! If we missed you in the photos, we’re sorry. Stay safe and healthy, and keep the lessons you learned at Galilee in your heart!