Barbara Foltz Memorial Fund

May 30, 2019

Galilee’s Barbara Foltz left us a year ago. Now there’s a memorial fund to honor her memory and her lifelong dedication to nursing and caring for others.

Barbara worked at Loudoun Hospital as a registered nurse for 40 years, retiring in 2000. She began as a floor nurse, but spent the majority of her career working in the recovery room. This was her favorite job. She often told stories of the people she met at the hospital (often funny stories, always with a heart of compassion). During the latter part of her tenure, she took a position conducting pre-op interviews. She was also a hospice volunteer for 10 years. 

Retirement was not in Barbara’s nature. Caretaking was her vocation. She wanted to continue working at the hospital in some capacity, so she went to school through the United Methodist Church and became a volunteer chaplain. She performed this service until she was 80 and only stopped then when her own health became an issue. 

Barbara Foltz: friend, nurse, chaplain, wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, adopted grandmother, and Galilee member.

It was through her passion in nursing and hospital chaplaincy that Barbara touched so many lives. To honor her, a memorial fund has been created in her name to raise money for nursing programs and nursing education. The initial fundraising goal is set at $25,000. This amount would generate scholarships for nursing students and give naming rights to a room in the new Inova Loudoun Hospital tower that families can use for prayer and meditation.

Scholarship money will be awarded through an application process based on need. The fund will remain open and continual donations will be accepted. The intention is to keep offering opportunities for nurses for years to come.  

Click here for information about the Barbara Foltz Memorial Scholarship Fund or donate here.

The Foltz Family have been mainstays of the Galilee community.

Earl and Barbara Foltz joined Galilee in 1960. Both have contributed so much through deeds and roles too numerous to name. Serving on the altar guild was Barbara’s special passion. Her daughter, Beverly Foltz Boyd, was raised in the church, got married here, and attends often with her father, Earl. Granddaughter Jennifer Miller attended Sunday School and preschool at the church, served as an acolyte, and also got married in the church. Jennifer’s son went to preschool at Galilee, too.

Jennifer, who is overseeing the memorial fund start-up and works in the Loudoun County Public School system, says “Galilee and the people there have had a major impact on our whole family’s faith journey. Barbara was so devoted to God and her church family and she “talked the talk and walked the walk” wherever she went.  She readily shared her faith with her family and so many others and leaves behind a beautiful legacy.”

Barbara Foltz left her mark on Galilee and Loudoun Hospital. Now her family and friends want to make sure that her legacy lives on. Thank you for your support!