Galilee Men


The goal of the Galilee Men’s Group is to foster meaningful friendships between men of faith through social activities, programs of mutual interest, Bible study, and participation in meaningful service related projects.
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The focus of the Galilee Men’s Group consists of three broad areas designed to support Galilee Church’s missions:

* Connect – Provide opportunities for men to participate in social activities. These include a “Men’s Night Out” held one Thursday each month at a local restaurant. Other examples include local sporting and cultural events that cater specifically to men’s interests.

* Grow and Worship – Opportunities exist for participation in weekly small group Bible Study sessions. These weekly sessions are designed to introduce and enhance Galilee Men’s knowledge of the truth of God’s Word.

* Serve – Provide opportunities to utilize Galilee Men’s skills through participation in large group “serving” events identified by ourselves or Galilee  Church.

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