Graduation Sunday 2019

June 6, 2019

Graduation Sunday 

By Pam Bentley

June 2 was a BIG day for Youth Ministry! We started the day celebrating our 2019 graduates and their families during a beautiful brunch in the Galilee Gym. Our college and high school graduates were recognized with a unique gift and prayer blessing. Many thanks to the Galilee Knitting Club for handcrafted scarves made with love for our high school graduates.  After recognizing those heading off to new adventures, we welcomed our rising 6th grade students into the youth program and presented each with a copy of the Teen Application Study Bible.

Check out photos and bios of our 2019 graduates.

Graduates received college color scarves from the Galilee Knitting Group.

The fun continued later that night during our last Youth Group session of the year, traditionally known as Water Night.  All rising 6th through 12th graders were invited to our wettest, funnest party of the year which included several hundred water balloons, dozens of water buckets, a Taco Bar, Family Feud, and water-themed trivia. 

Our devotional involved a skit based on the story of Peter.  Jesus called him to get out of the boat and walk on the water.  Peter’s faith enabled him to do as Jesus said, and when the wind and the waves came and fear and doubt consumed him, Peter put his trust in Jesus and called out to him for help.  As we head into summer and off in many directions, let us keep our eyes on Jesus, stay grounded in our faith, and put our trust in the One who calls us to do amazing things.

Youth Ministry will take a break from our regular routine for the summer months.  Stay tuned for details on youth gatherings this summer. Check the Galilee website and follow us on social media.

Have a great summer!