With Gratitude for the Methodist Church

November 24, 2016

Galilee received a letter from the children of David and Pauline Kuntz recently. David and Pauline have been members at Galilee since 2015, but they’ve been married for sixty-five years. Their anniversary was this week and, according to the letter from their children Pat, John, Mary, and Carol, the Methodist church played a prominent role in sustaining their marriage and their family.

The family are grateful for having the church in their lives, and we are very grateful to have David and Pauline as members. So we thought that on Thanksgiving, we’d share this letter as an example of enduring gratitude.


65 Years of Marriage in the Methodist Church

Dear Galilee,

Our parents, David and Pauline Kuntz, were joined together in marriage on November 21, 1951 in Morgantown, West Virginia. David picked up his new wife and carried her across the threshold and then around the world. Through every year and every transfer, through every joy and every heartache, David and Pauline sustained their marriage and family through the Methodist church.

David and Pauline Kuntz as newlyweds in 1951.

What goes in to sixty-five years? You can add up the money earned and spent, the schools attended, all the practices, games, concerts and performances. The number of socks lost in the dryer. The number of nickels lost in the sofa. The number of tears dried, hugs given and boo-boos kissed. Lots of diapers changed, dinners cooked, beds made, and lawns mowed. But no list of like that can reach into the heart of a marriage of more than six decades.

Marriage is sustained not through things but through love. God blesses the young couple, who use the love that flows from God to uplift each other through joys, heartaches, and decades.

It takes a spiritual infrastructure to support an enduring marriage. David and Pauline found their spiritual infrastructure in the Methodist Church. Though the Air Force moved them around the world, they knew that when they unpacked in their new house, they would find waiting for them a church home within the global Methodist denomination.

When four children arrived, David and Pauline did not drop off their kids at church. They took their kids by the hand and led them, first to Sunday school and then to the worship service itself. The Kuntz family often sat in the same pew–half way down on the right side. But they didn’t JUST sit in the pew. They taught Sunday school, led building fund campaigns, and ran vacation bible school. When the church needed them, David and Pauline gave. It seemed natural to them because the Methodist church had given so much to them.

As the children grew, the years brought marriages and births and as well as death and divorce. Through it all, David and Pauline sustained each other and their children through the spiritual infrastructure of the Methodist Church.

Today our parents have time to enjoy seven grandkids and they have wisdom to share. Part of that wisdom says “get yourself a spiritual infrastructure that can sustain you, uplift you and surround you with peace and love.”

As the proud children of David and Pauline Kuntz, we want to thank both the Methodist church that has been such a part of their marriage, and thank our parents for their love, example, and devotion that has carried our whole family, across the years, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health.

With Loving Gratitude,
Pat, John, Mary and Carol