How We Grow

Galilee Church believes that Christians are responsible for more than simply going through the motions – we are designed to be fully surrendered to Christ.  We have therefore created a pathway to spiritual development which encourages beginners while nourishing the minds of mature believers who desire serious faith and a meaningful walk with Christ.

Worship is the cornerstone of spiritual development, and after that comes a deepening involvement in small groups.


Today’s Groups

These groups are created to provide easy–to-connect opportunities to meet other people and discuss immediately how Sunday’s sermon can be applied in our daily life. Today’s Groups meet during the Grow Hour at 10:15am on Sunday. They assemble around chosen leaders to talk through 2-3 main points about the sermon found in Today’s Focus portion of the Sunday bulletin.

Growth Track

Growth Track is where you will learn more about who God is,  your relationship to Him, the mission and vision of Galilee, and your spiritual gifts. You will get an opportunity to meet other people who share those gifts and begin your next step in your spiritual journey. Growth Track is held during the Sunday Grow Hour at 10:15am.

Small Groups

Small Groups are classes of 10-15 people who come together for companion studies related to the current sermon series, topical studies and traditional Sunday school. Small Groups are a great way to get to understand God’s word better and to know other people in the church in a deeper way. These groups generally last 4-6 weeks and meet at a variety of times during the week and during the Growth Hour.

Click here for a list of current small groups.