August 31, 2017

If you could pray any prayer, what would you pray? If you could serve any place, where would you serve? If you could connect with anyone, who would you connect with? If you could grow in any manner, how would you grow?

If you were to stop trying to be in control and let God be God, how would your life change?

What kind of a Christian would you be, if there were no limits? 

Imagine God doing a new thing in your life. In the life you lead in your own mental space. In your family life, work life, or church life.

Imagine asking not, “How will I get to heaven some day?” But “How can I make earth more like heaven today?”


What would God do if he was turned loose in your imagination? What if you placed no limits on God’s reach in your life?

Imagine…opening yourself to better relationships.

Imagine…loosening the chains of your habits and addictions.

Imagine…stepping out of the boat and not sinking.

Imagine…stretching your budget 5,000 times further than you thought.

Imagine…the greatest enemy made into the greatest friend.

Imagine…a days of despair transformed into a new birth.

It’s all possible with God. What’s limiting us, but our imagination? But our faith?

In our September worship series, we’ll learn to leverage our time and talents to better serve God by opening up the treasury of our imagination. Can you imagine if the whole church was doing exactly what we were created and gifted to do? What would the world look like then?

Just imagine!

Join us in September for the Imagine worship series:

  • Sept  3 – “Sacred Work,” Ecclesiastes 9:10

  • Sept 10 – “Believe,” Mark 9:17-27

  • Sept 17 – “Forward,” Mark 10:46-52

  • Sept 24 – “Overcome,” John 16:29-32