Galilee is lead by teams of ordinary people, volunteers that support our ministry and mission.

Let all things be done decently and in order.” – 1 Cor 14:16



– Steward financial resources of the church.
– Provide clear and consistent reporting of church financial position.
– Communicate to Ministry Council and to congregation.
– Oversee the Counting Team.
– Present an annual budget.

Theresa and Jeff Bogushefsky, with Ashley. Jeff is chair of Finance Committee.

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– The lay leader works with the pastor to fulfill the church’s mission and vision.
– Functions as the representative of the congretation to the pastor.
– An effective lay leader is a visible model of Christian discipleship and faith.

David and Cindy Turner, with Allison, Michael, and Dusty. David is Galilee’s Lay Leader.

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– The highest decision-making body of our church.
– Ministry Council discerns God’s call to keep ministries on task.
– All ministries of the church report to the Council.

Peter and Becki Elmer. Peter is chair of Ministry Council.

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– Oversees implementation of NLI recommendations.
– Coordinates formation of task forces.
– Keeps church leadership and congregation informed about NLI.

Seth and Sandy Campbell, with Leslie. Sandy is chair of the NLI Team.

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– Supervise and maintain property belonging to the church.
– Oversee real estate, grounds, equipment, and insurance contracts.
– Responsible, in conjunction with the pastor, for all use of properties.
– Accountable to the Ministry Council and Charge Conference by annual written report.

Jim and Heather Cox, with Patrick and Jacob. Jim is chair of the Trustees.

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– Assists in the staffing of the church.
– Communicates staff issues to the congregation.
– Oversees HR functions and maintains leadership and service standards.

Chris Richter and Stephanie Ruiz with family. Chris is chair of the SPRC.

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