Making Faith Relevant

January 4, 2018

There’s a question that we don’t ask enough in church, but it’s important when we talk about God, and faith, and community. That question is, “So what?”

Faith in God is a strong antidote to social problems like isolation and division, but only if we ask  the question, “So what is faith to me?” Only if we bring the question into our own lives can we begin to see why faith is relevant to our behavior.

Galilee’s pastoral team members come from different backgrounds and serve in different ways. They’ve seen that faith remains relevant under all conditions.

Faith, after all, is not the only disembodied voice that’s circulating about our culture. There’s also fear, and hatred, and the siren call of a hundred appetites. If we don’t see the relevance of faith, we can be lured by the seeming relevance of other voices. And we can be overwelmed by the most unhealthy aspects of our modern way of life.

Relevant: Real People, Real Problems, Real Faith is Galilee’s first worship series of 2018. It’s first for a reason, because these days many (maybe most) people feel that the Bible is no longer applicable to their daily lives. Church can seem old-fashioned. Values once called timeless can feel outdated.

But actually, whatever is happening in your life, faith is relevant because Jesus cares about you. God’s word is not a relic from the past, but living hope for you. He offers promise that the obstacles in your way are not insurmountable. The church offers essential guidance toward discovering true satisfaction.

In the Relevant series, our pastors will take up real problems that afflict real people–problems as evergreen and enduring as loneliness, hatred, worry, and racism–to show that there is a solution every bit as real, every bit as enduring: the presence of God’s Holy Spirit.  

Join us in worship during the first six weeks of 2018 as we explore the nitty-gritty of life through Relevant: Real People, Real Problems, Real Faith.