Mickie Stalcup – Twenty Years of Service

May 9, 2019

Business Manager Kathy Butler was running payroll recently, when she noticed something interesting about a colleague. It seems Mickie Stalcup has been working at Galilee for twenty years this month!

For all that time, Mickie has been the woman behind the desk when a person asks about financial help or prayer. She has been the comforting voice when someone calls about an illness or a funeral. She’s the one who knows when Pickleball is played, and where the Prime Timers meet, and how to reach an AA group.

Some call Mickie our church secretary, or our office administrator, but she’s much more than that. Mickie is a friend and the glue that keeps Galilee’s many missions and ministries together. 

Mickie and Phillip Stalcup first attended Galilee in 1999. Mickie is our administrative assistant.

Twenty years is a pretty big milestone, so we thought we’d ask Mickie about working at Galilee.

“I LOVE my job!” says Mickie. “Every day is different. Sometimes I come to work expecting to do one thing and that doesn’t get done because the phone rings, but ministry happens anyway. I have gotten calls that were devastating for myself and members of the congregation. I have received calls that are exhilarating (those are much better). Each day is unique and wonderful.”

“The first requirement of this job,” she says, “is to know that this is NOT a job – it’s a ministry! If you come in thinking this is a “regular job” with “regular hours,” you will be frustrated. You should be good at organization and multi-tasking,  but also realize that the person on the phone or standing in front of you is not an interruption to your work flow, but the reason you’re here. They present an opportunity to be the hands and feet of Christ.”

Mickie at a Galilee study group…not so long ago.

Mickie was born in South Carolina and has lived in Delaware, North Carolina, Kentucky, and Virginia. As a child, her family went to church occasionally. “It wasn’t like you woke up on Sunday and knew you were going to church. Sometimes we did, sometimes we didn’t. My parents were Presbyterians, so perhaps we were predestined to go only the Sundays we went.”

“As a teenager in SC, my best friend went to a Lutheran church EVERY Sunday morning and then to “Luther League” on Sunday night. There was never a question about going – they were going.  I tagged along and ended up being baptized in the Lutheran church when I was about 15.”

“I credit my friend’s mom, Marie Tyree, with making sure I had a faith background to fall back on. When we moved to North Carolina, I tried a couple of churches but it never felt right. I stopped going for many years and while going through a difficult time, my best friend Mary invited me to her Methodist church. The first Sunday I walked in, I felt like I was home. I joined that church and that’s where I first worked as an administrative assistant.”

Mickie and her husband Phillip (who has worked at Belfort Furniture for one or two more years than Mickie has worked at Galilee) arrived at our church in 1999. 

“We had been at a non-denominational church and it was time to move on. We attended many UMCs before the Sunday we walked into Galilee. I would love to tell you that we were welcomed and lots of people spoke to us – but that was not my experience. No one said anything to us. Worse, there was a guest preacher that day and the service was about children. Since we have no children, you would think that we might have felt left out. Why is it then, that from the moment I walked in, I felt at home?”

“One reason is that I recognize that children are the future, and I love to see kids of all ages in the services. But there’s more. I guess I saw God at work at Galilee.”

Mickie is good at explaining things to senior pastors, like Wayne Snead.

Before long, Mickie read an announcement that Galilee was looking for help in the office and she answered the ad. She was interviewed for a position as staff receptionist by the then-SPRC chair, Matt Sergent. Matt, who became an ordained elder and worked as Associate Pastor at Galilee before leaving to head his own church last summer, recalls, “Harvey Connor and I talked to Mickie. Following the interview, I looked at Harvey and Harvey looked at me and we said, “We can’t let her get away!” I’m so glad we didn’t!”

Mickie’s glad, too. “This is such a loving and giving church, ” she says. “I think about when Eric VanNederynen was killed and how Galilee and the community came together to honor him. His dream for the new building was a gym where kids could gather and be safe. We honored Eric by raising the funds to build our gym, “Eric’s Place,” and literally thousands of people have been touched by the dream he shared.”

“I think about the time we had 30+ Belgian students and teachers stay at the church for about a week because a volcano in Iceland stranded them at Dulles. Our families jumped at the chance to be God’s hands and feet by hosting them, doing laundry, feeding them, taking them into their homes and downtown to go sightseeing. I am not really sure who benefited more from that experience—Galilee or the students and teachers.”

Funerals are a regular part of Mickie’s job, but they can bring people together.

“I think how Galilee is a mission-oriented church! In my time here, we’ve sent teams to Sneedville, TN. We sent a team to Russia to help at an orphanage. We helped start the Child Rescue Centre (CRC) and Mercy Hospital in Sierra Leone.  Talk about changing lives! Now we have a partner in Costa Rica and we’re helping to build a church there, literally. This is all worth celebrating!”

“But so is the fact that we have a preschool and after school program that meets needs in our own community. We have 16 youth in Confirmation class who are excited to be at Galilee and learn about Jesus. We have an active Senior Ministry both at Galilee and at The Chapel. There are small groups that meet almost every day of the week. We welcome eight different 12-step Groups to our facility each week. Did you know we have a Pakistani Christian Church that meets here on Sunday afternoons for worship and Friday evening for Bible study? I could go on and on about the ministries at Galilee to celebrate—and I invite you come and check them out.”

In all seasons, Mickie has been a friend and a foundation of ministry at Galilee.

“I have been involved with many different bible studies over the years. Many years ago there was an informal group of women that would meet weekly for lunch. I did that as often as I could and made some life-long friends. I am a Stephen Minister and now a Stephen Leader. Stephen Ministry is near and dear to me. I believe in it, so it is easy to encourage someone to do Stephen Ministery or ask that a Stephen Minister walk with them in whatever situation they are facing.”

Friends and colleagues have made the job more joyous.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff (past and present) for their hard work and for always stepping in to do whatever needs to be done. I also want to thank the congregation!”

“I cannot believe it has been 20 years since I came to work here. I might believe ten, and I told Kathy to double check her arithmetic because I am not old enough to be here that long. She assured me the math was accurate.”



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