Loving Galilee’s Music and Mission

April 26, 2018

Not every member of Galilee sits in the pews on Sunday. One member stands in front of us each time we worship. His name is Jordan Markwood and he leads the choir as Galilee’s Music Director. It’s a job he would only do for his home church. For a church that he loves.

As part of our “Love Letters” theme this Easter season, Jordan explains why he loves Galilee.

Galilee Music Director…and church member…Jordan Markwood

“I first attended Galilee in December 2015, having recently moved to Sterling. I was at a friend’s birthday party when she invited me to check out this great church. I did not know anyone and sat in the back. The quality of music was a pleasant surprise and the service reminded me of the church I grew up in. I realized that being invited to Galilee was a part of God’s plan and so I soon returned.

The third Sunday I attended, there was an announcement that the Music Director was leaving. There were already some people in the church who knew me and started asking if I was interested in this position. This made me nervous! I had left a church job of seven years in Winchester and I said to myself that I would not work at a church that I did not consider my church home. But, I decided, I was open to working with the choir on an interim basis. This would give me (and the church) an opportunity to see whether we were a good fit. This is where my love for our church began.

The group that I work with at Galilee is not just a choir, but a loving family. We share joys, laughter, and concerns each week at rehearsal, and it doesn’t stop there. These individuals truly care and will pray, call, e-mail and do whatever is needed to support one another. They can sing, too! It has been a joy to work with them and these relationships became a driving force in my wanting to be a part of Galilee.

I became a member of the church because I wanted everyone to know that I am not just an employee, but a part of the family as well. Being further from my family in Winchester has been challenging, so it has helped tremendously to have another family here at Galilee.

Jordan comes from a family of missionaries and never misses a chance to serve others.

At Galilee, I am able to make music and work in mission. Music and mission have been passions of mine throughout life. Before I arrived at Galilee, I traveled to the Child Rescue Center and Mercy Hospital in Sierra Leone with a friend leading a music and drama camp. What a pleasant surprise to find that Galilee was one of the Virginia churches that has supported the CRC from the beginning and which makes Mercy Hospital’s mission to improve health care in Africa possible. Not only that, but I soon learned through the Backpack Buddies ministry, the Costa Rica mission, Emergency Response Teams, and other ministry efforts that Galilee is a church that strives to truly be the hands and feet of Christ. This is my church!

Lastly, I have to mention what a joy it has been to work with the Galilee staff. They are so kind, loving, compassionate, and supportive of each other—it has been overwhelming at times. Of course, that is what we would always hope our church staff would do but I know from personal experience at previous churches that it is not always the case. I am excited to work at a church where each staff member is open to new ideas and is willing to support ministries in any way possible. When conflict arises or we are stretched to the limit, there is flexibility and love shown at an even higher degree. This is not easy and is a wonderful example to the congregation of how we can serve with an attitude of love to those in and outside the walls of the church.

It is for these and so many other reasons that I love Galilee!”