A New Season of Family Ministry

September 14, 2017

Galilee is excited to begin a new season of ministry this fall. Nowhere is that more true than in our Family Ministry, our programs for kids and teens. We’ve got new leaders in Bri Smart Jones and Pam Bentley, new youth curriculum with Orange, and a new slate of fun events and service challenges. 

Strap yourself in, because our efforts to take Family Ministry to the next level have already started!

Every day of the year, Galilee’s facilities are filled with young people. Probably more than you realize, because it’s not just Sundays. Monday through Friday, you’re liable to see Galilee Christian School preschoolers playing games, solving problems, and learning how to learn. Afternoons bring public school students for our Aftercare program.

Down the hall, you’ll see the high-achieving students of HEARTS home school group using our classrooms for their science, language, history, or math classes. Evenings and at the weekend, you’ll see sports leagues fill up our gymnasium. Scout troops use our building every week, too.

Then on Sunday, of course, we welcome kids into our nursery and Children’s Church, as well as into the sanctuary for worship and the Youth GROW hour. 

It is a blessing to have so many young people at Galilee, and it’s a key to our future growth, too. So our team takes seriously the task of welcoming every child and teen not just into our building, but into God’s family. We want to share with them the fullness of the Gospel.

We won’t do that by ourselves.

Youth GROUP kicked off last Sunday. It meets at 7pm on Sundays and is only one of the associations that puts our gym to good use.

The vision for Galilee’s Family Ministry can be summed up in one word: Orange. As any preschooler can tell you, you get orange when you mix yellow and red. In Family Ministry, yellow represents the light of the church (our teaching, our history, our values) and red represents the love within a family. When you combine the two, you get parents and kids volunteering and spending time together at church and you bring the lessons of faith home, reinforcing them through prayer and the example of loved ones. This makes Orange. Orange is a synchronized strategy that shows kids who God is far more effectively than a church or a parent could do by themselves.

“Orange” also happens to be an award-winning Sunday school curriculum taught by thousands of churches across the nation. Galilee will be using Orange-branded curriculum in all our classes, offering a seamless experience as kids pass from one age level to the next. Growing up can be tough! Parents, as much as kids, can use help from trusted and faithful friends and mentors.

That’s what Galilee’s Family Ministry is about.

Galilee’s Family Ministry classes will use Orange curriculum, like “Measure Up,” a three week series for teens on how to find our true worth not in peer comparison, but in God.

If you haven’t been involved in Family Ministry before, now is a great time to check it out. Bring your family to Galilee each Sunday. Get involved with Youth Group (check out upcoming events here). Become a volunteer. You don’t even need a kid! Plenty of the folks on our Family Ministry team stay engaged with youth because they remember the difference that a mentor made in their life. You can make a difference.

There’s so much coming down the pike, from corn mazes to Fall Fest (Oct 22) to service opportunities in aid of hurricane relief. Make sure to talk to Bri Smart Jones if you’re interested in helping out with younger kids, or Pam Bentley if Middle School and High School activities are what you’re looking for.

All of us are a part of the Galilee, and all of us promise on baptism Sundays to be a church that surrounds our children with a community of love. Family Ministry is keeping that promise!

Hugs are handed out regularly at Galilee Christian School.