Next Level

What is Next Level?

Next Level is a district-level investment in churches that have the significant potential for moving from good to great. Galilee was one of a handful (6 out of 100) of Northern Virginia churches chosen to participate in the first phase of this initiative.

What is happening?

Next Level has not truly begun–it kicks off in November.

In preparation for Next Level, your pastors are receiving training, meeting innovative church leaders, and learning best practices for attracting new members and enriching ministries. The church staff and a team of volunteers are busy crunching numbers and collecting data to present a reliable picture of Galilee’s existing practices. Additionally, “guest worshippers” have visited Galilee on Sundays to assess our church’s strengths and weaknesses. The guest worshippers will report to us what they perceive, giving us the precious gift of seeing ourselves through the eyes of strangers.

How does this affect me?

Our move toward Next Level church performance involves YOU. On the second weekend of November, we’re going to have a church-wide retreat. On Saturday, participants will share food and gather for spiritual exercises. Interviewers will speak to many to collect impressions of Galilee and your ideas for our future.

On Sunday, the congregation will hear five ideas for improvement. These five ideas will come from YOUR input. After a period of reflection (three weeks), we’ll vote the package of ideas up or down at a congregational Town Hall in December. If we vote yes by 75%, we’ll get help and training to execute the improvements. If we vote no, that’s fine, too.

What exactly will happen in November?

Next Level begins with our Next Level Weekend, Nov 10-12. It will consist of three parts:

  1. We get YOUR input. We’ll be giving you questions to answer at each church service and you can take the Real Discipleship Survey.
  2. Newcomers Focus Group on Friday and “Hopes and Dreams” All-Church Retreat on Saturday – to celebrate and discern God’s direction. You’re invited.
  3. Next Level Super Sunday – one combined worship service at 10 am with the Big Reveal of Five Innovations to challenge our church to go from good to great.

What can I do right now?

Save the date, because this will be an important event that all Galilee members and attenders are invited to join.

Right now, we are especially asking for your prayers. Since the retreat Sunday will be on November 12 (11/12), we ask that you pray for Galilee every day at 11:12.

Where do I get more information?

If you have any questions about Next Level before that, please be sure to email Pastor Jason.



Register for the “Hopes and Dreams” retreat. 

Saturday, November 11, 9:30am-3:30pm.

Click here. Childcare available.


Take the Real Discipleship Survey. It’s anonymous and the data will aid Galilee’s move to the Next Level.

Click here.