Next Level Innovations Update

What is Next Level?

Next Level is a district-level investment in churches that have significant potential for growth. Galilee was one of a handful of Northern Virginia churches chosen to participate in this initiative. We voted on a set of Five Innovations to enact in 2018:

Innovation #1 – Space. The Trustees will work to improve our facilities.

Innovation #2 – Grow. We want to develop stronger discipleship programs. 

innovation #3 – Serve. We will deepen partnerships with schools, going beyond our successful Backpack Buddies model.

Innovation #4 – Worship. The goal is to create greater clarity, beauty, and excellence in worship. Our team is discerning the path toward that goal. 

Innovation #5 – Generosity. The finance team works with the above four NLI teams to support their needs, while wisely managing resources and fostering a culture of giving.



May 17, 2018:

The Serve team meets regularly and has read a book by Jake McGlothin, "The Mission-Minded Guide to Church and School Partnerships," to better understand the dynamics and challenges of deepening school-church relationships. Meetings are underway with each of our Backpack Buddies partner schools to explore ways we can strengthen our support of local students. Prayer walks are being scheduled to support these efforts.

The Worship Study Team has met and will meet again before Memorial Day for discernment on their work. Meanwhile, Galilee's organ will soon be repaired (pro bono) to add that musical element back to our traditional worship service. In addition, a new projector will be installed shortly. A team of tech/AV experts have met to assess technological improvements that can be made.


What can I to help with Next Level?

Questions about NLI, including volunteering, should go to Please continue to pray for our church as we move forward.