A Note to College Students

July 25, 2019


Galilee member Rachel Myers is a graduate of Virginia Tech who works for Cru, an international mission team that brings the gospel to university students and others. We talked to Rachel as she volunteered at our recent Sports Camp, and she agreed to write a brief note to students preparing to leave Galilee and head to college this fall.

Dear college students (and parents of college students),

In high school, I made the most important decision I would ever make—to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. In college, I made the second most important decision—to continue to pursue that relationship as an adult, rather than giving into other pressures found in university life.

Rachel Myers (far left) with friends from her bible study at Virginia Tech.

At school, I wanted to get plugged into a ministry to help me grow in my walk with God and provide the sort of community that God had given me earlier through Galilee. I like to say, however, that my first semester of college was my “double-life semester,” because I got plugged into both Cru (my campus ministry) and partying. 

Fortunately, our God is a relentless pursuer and He did not let me slip away. Through Cru and through the people in Cru, God called me strongly to Him. I remember one night our Cru leader, who was aware of my somewhat double life, invited me to get dinner. She reminded me how much God loves me and that He was where I should be finding my joy and worth, not necessarily at campus parties. 

Through her loving prodding, and through the opportunities, community, and friends Cru offered me (and through grace), I was able to step away from a life fueled by unhealthy motives and grow so much as an individual and in my relationship with God. 

Rachel with her Cru team of leaders and students at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Far from falling away from faith, college is when I grew in my faith the most. I experienced for myself how formative the four years of college are, so I was excited when God called me to work with college students for a living. I am now blessed to be able to work for Cru, where I get to do for today’s students exactly what my Cru leader did for me.

I get to tell students (either for the first time or to remind them) how much God loves them and help provide a community where they can feel loved, special, and can grow closer to Him. 

Rachel now leads her own bible studies and mentors female students at four colleges in Pennsylvania.

This coming fall is my second year working for Cru in southwest PA, where we trust God to reach four different schools—Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Saint Francis University, Westmoreland County Community College, and Pennsylvania Highlands Community College. Being the only female on my team, I am in charge of the women’s ministry. I share the gospel and help equip, encourage, and challenge students in their walk with Christ. This I do through mentoring, bible studies, and planning retreats and outreach events. 

Now I guess I saved the most important points for last. The first point is this—the most important decision you can ever make is to begin a relationship with Christ. If you would like to learn more about this please reach out to me at rachel.myers@cru.org, or talk to someone you know at  Galilee.

The second point is for all college students—the best thing you can do in college is find a community that encourages and challenges you in your walk with God. Besides Cru, there are many other great ministries and churches (Young Life, CCO, Intervarsity, to name a few). It is important to find the one that is the best fit for you. 

College is when you make your own decisions and you chose how to invest your time. Take it from a college student who explored two different paths, there’s only one place worth investing your time—and that’s eternity. 

In Christ,

Rachel Myers

If you would like information about partnering with Rachel to reach college students for Christ, including partnering in prayer, contact her at rachel.myers@cru.org. If you would like to give a financial gift, you can do so here: https://give.cru.org/1001429.