Family Ministry Orange Conference 2018

May 3, 2018

Each spring, the Orange Conference brings youth ministry teams together in Atlanta, GA for three days of innovation and inspiration. This year, Galilee sent two of our incredibly skilled and active volunteers, Ron and Ginger Chinnici, as well as Pam Bentley and Bri Jones, our directors of family ministry.

Ron and Ginger Chinnici with Pam Bentley and Bri Jones.

The conference drew participants from 50 states and 19 countries. Seeing an arena filled to capacity with so many diverse servant-leaders was a clear indication to our family ministers that they not alone in the work they do for our kids and students. 

Pam and Bri cooperated to write up this report on the 2018 Orange Conference:

“Our three days in Atlanta were filled with incredible music, inspiring speakers and messages, hilarious skits, and lots of coffee! This year’s theme, “We Can Do More Together,” challenged us to rethink how we work as a church and to imagine the impact on the next generation when we lead together and work together as one body in Christ.

We can do more together…when we collaborate to influence and strengthen the faith development of our kids. How we work together will change how a generation sees God. 

We can do more together…when we keep our eyes on Jesus and allow Him to lead us. We have a divine responsibility to be stewards of a generation and how they see God.

We can do more together…when we set aside our differences for the sake of a greater goal. Imagine a world where people may be skeptical of what we believe, but envious of how well we treat one another. 

We can do more together…when we focus on building relationships as a community. We desire to create a culture that is FOR our neighbors and FOR our families, both inside and outside the church walls.

We can do more together…when we see what is broken in our communities and do something about it. 

We can do more together…when we see that our future exists here and now. When we make ministry for children and youth a priority, we are equipping the next generation to be the church. We are leaving a legacy of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We can do more together…when we say yes to doing those things we “don’t have to do.” We say yes, because doing these things is what changes our world.

Bri and Pam…two leaders of one team building up our children’s faith in Jesus Christ.

Oneness is how we win. Oneness is how the world will know that our Heavenly Father sent his son to the world. Galilee Family Ministry is one team working for the one true king with one end goal in mind.”

If you want to be a part of the movement, then join us. Contact Pam or Bri to learn how you can do more to support Family Ministry. Or track down Ron and Ginger, who you’re liable to find in the youth center or preschool classrooms. They’ll tell you how satisfying working with the next generation is.