Rev. Jason Duley


My name is Jason Duley – it’s great to meet you!

Let me tell you what I believe. I believe the best life is one that’s got meaning. I believe that God has given every person an extraordinary purpose.

There was a time when I was living less purposefully, following my own agenda. I worked as a professional musician (a rock star wanna-be) and also in the computer field. Great times—but God called me into ministry in order to serve the needs of others. And guess what? Serving God and helping people has become the most fulfilling life I can imagine.

As a pastor of an active church, I get energy out of helping people connect with God, with one another, and with their life’s purpose.

I invite you to connect with Galilee and to connect with me. Hit me on social media or simply pick up the phone and give me a call. Or see you on Sunday!

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Rev. Matthew Sergent


My call to ministry began early in life. I’m a pastor’s son, after all. But it had to wait as I spent twenty years in law enforcement, rising to Police Captain. In my career, I dealt with many senseless and violent crimes. I found myself reaching out to victims, trying to help them make sense out of horrible situations. In essence, I was being the hands and feet of Christ even in my role as a police officer. I also saw the results, in many offenders, of living a life outside the love of God. There were times when I was reaching out to minister to them as well. 

I am grateful now to be working as a pastor at Galilee and the Chapel at Lansdowne Woods. I believe my greatest usefulness as a minister is my witness and love for the Good News of the Gospel. I love to tell the story of Christ’s love for us all, just as my elders told me when I was young.