Rev. Jason Duley


Why am I a pastor? For me, it’s a personal sense of gratitude. God has given me life and everything else, too. In return, I am offering my life in service to God and to people. Religion frequently focuses on rituals and traditions, rather than working to help serve people in everyday circumstances. Religions can tend toward externals—rubbing sacred stones, bathing in sacred waters, striding up sacred stairs. I say, stop. Just stop. Let me spend my time serving the needs of the hungry, the hurting; teaching the Bible and befriending the spiritually homeless.

Enough about me. Come to Galilee, named after the place where Jesus made his home, and where he said: “I have not come to be served, but to serve…”

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Rev. Matthew Sergent


I am grateful to be working as a pastor at Galilee and the Chapel at Lansdowne Woods. I remember in my youth “sitting at the feet of my elders,” listening to the great stories of the faith. My sense of God’s call began when I was fifteen years old, but during college I dismissed the idea of becoming a pastor. I entered law enforcement, eventually becoming a captain in the Falls Church City Police Department. My sense of calling diminished for a time, but it never went away. Over time it began to reveal itself again. When the opportunity came to be the associate pastor of Galilee and the pastor of the Older Adult Ministries program, I happily agreed and answered God’s call to ministry. I did not think it would be easy leaving law enforcement after twenty years, but I must say I could not be happier in my decision! God is so good in so many ways!

I believe my greatest usefulness as a minister is my witness and love for the Good News of the Gospel. I love to tell the story of Christ’s love for us all, just as my elders told me the stories when I was young.