Prayers Answered at the Chapel

September 12, 2019

Ruth Freiberger and her husband Ben have always been strongly independent people. She describes their marriage as, “An only child married to an only child.”

While they made their lives together in New Jersey, they had no fear about retiring to the very different community of Savannah, Georgia. And when the hurricanes became a bit much in that coastal city, they didn’t bat an eye at the thought of moving to Northern Virginia, After all, they have two grandchildren not far away in West Virginia, and there is so much to do near Washington DC.

The one reservation that Ruth had was about leaving her church in Savannah, where she was very active in the Communion Guild and the church choir. Singing hymns was a big part of her life—Ben used to ask not “whether she was going to church today,” but when. Would she have to let that go in her new home of Lansdowne Woods?

Fortunately not! 

Ruth Freiberger, right, sings with the Chapel Choir.

Ruth has lived at Lansdowne Woods for about a year now and in a video she made to promote her new home, she explains how her prayers were answered when she stumbled upon a mention of the Chapel in the community news letter. 

Watch Ruth tell the story here:

Congratulations to Ruth on prayers answered in finding a new choir to sing with.

Ruth says Easter is her favorite time of the year in choir, “because I can be here and I can focus. At Christmas, I am not usually at home, but in West Virginia. And there are always so many distractions at Christmas. I like to focus on the words of hymns at Easter. Singing forces you to concentrate on diction and tone, but the words are important because they contain the message of Easter.” 

Besides singing, Ruth is passionate about cooking and cookbooks. She loves Julia Child and she and Ben travel to France regularly. She also adores Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, but doesn’t think a dog would be very happy riding an elevator every day—even if the view of the golf course is amazing.

“I love living at Lansdowne Woods,” Ruth says, “and I love being with Pastor Geitra and the members of the Chapel. There is a spirit here among the people. They are a caring group. That spirit is not limited to the people in the Chapel, because  our love goes throughout the community to people who are having difficulty, who appreciate a caring hand that reaches out.”

To those who need a little love, Chapel members like Ruth are an answered prayer.