Project Revamp

Exciting changes lie ahead for Galilee kids and small groups. School is out and Galilee Trustees are working to renovate and re-launch the valuable classroom spaces in our church. Follow our journey as we grow for God’s glory!

How can you help?

By donating classroom fixtures and furniture! We’ve established a registry that shows the exact items that we need to outfit our new spaces. There are desks, shelves, rugs, and more. Visit our Project Revamp Registry.

You can also make a financial donation online. Funds will be used to purchase items on our registry and to buy supplies for renovation.

What’s the plan?

Each room has a different purpose, and so the revamp project will be tailored to each space.
Nursery – on Sundays, a comfortable space for children aged two and younger. During the week, Galilee Christian School will use this area as a large capacity room for two and three year olds.
Nursery Side Room – a nursing mothers’ room with gliders, privacy screens, and a changing table.
Room 200 – for Sunday and midweek small groups. Galilee Christian School’s after-school program will use for tutoring and homework assistance.
Room 202 – a toddler classroom, allowing future growth for Galilee Christian School. During the week, a location for small groups.
Room 203 – remodeled for Children’s Ministry CLUB 345 Large Group and as a kid-friendly fellowship space. The after-school program will utilize the room during the week.
Room 304 – new “Volunteer Oasis.” A welcoming room for fellowship among Children’s Ministry volunteers. Used during the week by Galilee Christian School teachers and small groups.