ReCHARGED to Proclaim the Gospel

July 6, 2017

Galilee kicked off summer by taking eleven members of our Youth Group to reCHARGE summer camp for a week in June. reCHARGE, like its winter iteration reBOOT, is a regular feature of our youth program. Just one hour away in the mountains of western Maryland, the camp provides a full slate of activities and recreation, along with service projects, fellowship, good food, and morning and evening worship and bible study.


The theme of this year’s camp was “Proclaim.” At assemblies each morning and evening, students learned about the role of every Christian in proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ. They heard the gospel message delivered by Pastor Shane Shaddix of Raleigh, NC and rocked out to contemporary worship music. After worship, they broke up into groups to discuss the message.

reCHARGE is incredibly well organized and the kids never lacked for anything to do. Team-building activities were scheduled to allow the kids to bond as a church group and as a larger team (Team Purple) in the very exciting Color Games.

You can’t win every year. After dominating previous Color Games, this year Galilee’s team came in fourth.

Free time (and freedom) was also abundant. It was great to see our youth act independently and responsibly in a large setting. There were 310 campers altogether, from diverse backgrounds. Some kids came from rural areas, others from the inner city. Many friendships were formed, or rediscovered from previous trips to reCHARGE and reBOOT.

On two days, our youth traveled to nearby Myersville Baptist church to work on service projects. They planted flowers and neatened up landscaping, repaired a large sign, painted lines on a parking lot, sanded and painted a playhouse and swing set, and painted and repaired half a dozen picnic tables. This was no easy endeavor in the hot sun, but the positive attitude of our kids won the day…they knew why they were engaged in this work. We proclaim the Good News with our deeds, not just our words.

Summer camp is often a highpoint in a young person’s life. reCHARGE is more than just a good time, it’s a foundation of fond memories, learning, friendship, and mission that will serve these kids well for a long time to come. 


We’ll definitely be heading back next year (and to reBOOT winter camp in six months). If you are interested in learning more about reCHARGE, reBOOT or Youth Group, email us. We’ll get you the details.

Our thanks go out to the staff at Skycroft Conference Center, who make reCHARGE happen. We also want to thank all the students who went to reCHARGE and their parents, as well as the adults who served as chaperones: Allyson Daily, Lisa Johnson, and Chris Smith.