BUTLER-KATHY-258Kathy Butler

Business Manager

I am responsible for the church’s accounting, as well as helping maintain the congregational giving records. My favorite part of my job is working with the many talented volunteers on the Finance Committee and the Stewardship Team. We have such amazing people at Galilee!

You can always find me at Fellowship Time on Sunday mornings because food and talking are two of my favorite things. In fact, I’d like to go ahead and place my order for pizza and french fries at the Heavenly banquet (I have such a refined palate!). I love to spend the day in the kitchen. I think that’s the reason my son Michael looked at me when he was three years old and said, “Daddy work, Mama cook!” He had us pegged from the start. When my time comes to greet my Creator in Heaven, I hope He says that He is pleased with the work I have done in His name and that I’ve done the best I could with the gifts He gave me.


Andrew Hall

Director of Family Ministry

Andrew Hall graduated high school in Fairfax Station, VA after spending his childhood moving around the world in a military family. He majored in Youth Ministry at Cedarville University in Ohio where he put words to the calling he first felt when fourteen years old in Heidelberg, Germany–to help teenagers make a lifelong commitment to Christ and His Church.

Andrew now lives in Ashburn, VA with his wife, Rachel. When they are with teenagers they like to play games and sports, watch movies, eat food, learn about the Bible, listen to music, discuss just about anything, hike, and laugh a lot. When they aren’t with teenagers (which hopefully is never too often) they like to do the same things, except more quietly.


Jeff Kimmel

Executive Director

I enjoy working with a variety of folks who are enthusiastic about making a difference in the lives of people who come to Galilee. On Sundays, I can usually be found in an adult Sunday school class at 9am and then in a pew at 10:30am. Could I have honestly said anywhere else?

My child’s favorite comment about me would be “Dad, we love you, but stop singing NOW!”

I’m hoping there will be pizza at the holy banquet, and chocolate chip cookies — that’s a complete meal. I hope to be welcomed into the kingdom with the simple statement “well done.”


Rebecca Makowski

Director of Outreach and Impact

I am a native Washingtonian (my birth certificate proves it!) and have been a member of Galilee for the majority of my life. My husband Chris and I live in Ashburn along with our four sons – Luke, Jack, Grant, and Colin. We love being outside – playing at the park, swimming, and camping are a few of our favorites – and we probably own enough books in our house to open a small library. From my very first volunteer position with Vacation Bible School, I like to think that I have been fortunate enough to incorporate service to and through the Lord in every facet of my life and I’m humbled to now be in the position to help others do the same. I can usually be found on Sunday mornings at the 10:30am service (in the back row!), dancing along as the choir sings!


Mickie Stalcup

Administrative Assistant

I have the BEST job in the world. There has yet to be a day that I dreaded coming to work – there have been days I didn’t want to get up, but never one that I didn’t want to come to work. My favorite part of my job is meeting and talking with people, and my favorite place on Sunday morning is greeting at the front door and welcoming people “home.”

I consider myself a cat person. My cat talks all the time! Her “Dad” spoils her, and she reminds me of that all the time. I don’t feed her correctly – only “he” does it right! I am married to Phillip, and he is a salesman at Belfort Furniture in Sterling. He is the best salesperson (although I MAY have a slightly prejudiced opinion!).

If there is chocolate at the holy banquet, I’ll be a happy camper. Seafood would be a bonus, and if I don’t have to count carbs – a big baked potato with butter & sour cream would finish off the meal! It would be wonderful to be welcomed to the kingdom with “well done, my good and faithful servant.”


Jack Walton

Director of Music and Worship Arts Ministries

Jack is a Texan by birth and the son of a Baptist preacher. He studied at USC and has sung and conducted professionally for thirty years. He has conducted the Dallas Symphony Chorus and has led special performances at the Kennedy Center and the Warner Theater, working with talents like Marvin Hamlisch and Yo-Yo Ma. Jack moved to Northern Virginia twenty years ago with his family and for the past eleven years has led the annual Wolf Trap Holiday Sing-A-Long. He has led worship at churches in Texas, California, and Virginia.

“Music is the glue of great worship,” says Jack. “There are those who do not always achieve the depth of worship through the spoken word and they often derive their worship through music. Music engages the soul and prepares it for the spoken word. It is my hope that we will have a worship experience that excites, so that people will have such high anticipation that they leave their car doors open in the parking lot in haste to enter the service.”