Summer Book Series – Ephesians

June 30, 2016

Imagine that someone sent you a letter with good news—you’re rich!

At first, it might seem like welcome news. But then you notice that there’s no check enclosed. Also, the letter didn’t come from your bank or from the state lottery agency. It’s from a prison. Your correspondent is a man in jail, writing to inform you that you are spiritually rich.

Spiritual riches? Be honest: would you take such a letter seriously? From a jailbird?

It doesn’t sound very convincing, does it?

Yet this is a real letter. It’s Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians, one of the most authoritative books of the New Testament. Paul wrote it while he was on trial in Rome, and he wrote it to tell the church of the abundant gifts that God pours out to us.

It’s also the letter that we are going to read in July as part of our Summer Book Series.


Pastor Jason gets a head start on the next book in our summer series. He says Ephesians is one of his favorites.

In Ephesians, Paul had time to say what was on his mind—he wasn’t going anywhere— and he thought it important to tell us that we are rich. He wrote to us about the spiritual inheritance that comes from the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, when we accept Christ as our savior.

Further, Paul tells us about our responsibilities to steward this unworldly wealth responsibly. As you read this short book of the Bible, know that the treasure that Paul speaks of is credit in your account.

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Galilee is producing guide books for each title in our Summer Book Series. You’ll find them in the pews and in the lobby. They are free, so take one. July’s guide is also available online as a flip book.

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A good companion to Galilee’s Summer Book Series topics are the “Be” series books by Bible commentator, Warren Wiersbe. BE RICH is the title of his commentary on Ephesians. Come by the church office, if you would like to look at a copy.

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Happy reading!