Take the Real Discipleship Survey



The Real Discipleship Survey is short. It takes just a few minutes to measure your discipleship maturity. The results will help you understand your spiritual path toward growth. Each participant receives a detailed report. Additionally, the church receives anonymous information giving the percentage of persons in each discipleship level or dimension.


1) Visit http://discipleshipsurvey.com/member.html and enter code from church: PEACEANDJOY

2) Choose our district (ARLINGTON) and church (GALILEE UMC) from the dropdown lists.

3) Fill out email and password fields and click “Sign Up”

4) Log in with password and take survey by selecting one box of each color

Hit the blue “Submit Survey” button. Your results will be displayed and you may also have your results sent to your email.


CLICK HERE or ask at the office for a paper copy

1) The survey consists of two pages. Turn to the most colorful page without looking at the other page, which contains explanations that could skew your answers

2) You will choose one box of each color. Choose the box that most closely matches your experience for each color and put a check in that box

3) Repeat for each color, until you have marked one box for each of the six colors

4)  Match your checked boxes with the corresponding boxes on the other page. You’ll find each of your choices indicates a discipleship level – exploring, beginning, growing, maturing.  How might you move toward maturing?  And how might you help others do the same?

Please turn your sheet in to the Galilee Church office.