The Value of Volunteers

October 25, 2018

On Sunday, Galilee hosted Serve Fair to highlight ministries and small groups that offer opportunities to serve at church, in the community, and even globally. Visitors got to talk to leaders for ministries as diverse as the Costa Rica Mission Team, the Prayer Shawl Ministry, and Stephen Ministers.

Many groups were represented—click here to see the “impact teams” that offer a place to serve.

Volunteers represent the Prayer Shawl Ministry and Stephen Ministers at Galilee’s Serve Fair.

Have you ever thought about the value of volunteer time? There is a spiritual value, of course, but also a quantifiable monetary value. Economists estimate that value as being $26.75 per hour for FY19. That’s based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

It’s a number that’s always on the mind of Kathy Butler, Galilee’s Business Manager, who would have to write a lot more checks if there were no volunteers. Only she couldn’t do it.  “There would be no ministry at Galilee without our volunteers.  I am grateful for their service every day,” Kathy says.

“I’m in awe of the dedication of our volunteers,” says Kathy. “But I also understand it. Take our Counting Team, for instance, because I love our Counting Team! We have counters who have been doing it for fifteen, even twenty or more years. Every Sunday! It’s their way of giving. They are friends serving alongside one another. It’s become their connection at the church, their small group.”

Backpack Buddies and the CRC and Mercy Hospital also depend on dedicated givers and volunteers.

Volunteering takes many shapes at our main campus and at the Chapel at Lansdowne Woods.  Jean Goldsby, Chapel Choir Director, lauds her volunteers.

“I say a special thanks to the choir members of the Chapel. They are all senior citizens (some in their 90s) who come out each Friday and Sunday morning, rain or shine, snow and wind, to volunteer their time and gifts of music so that others will be touched by the spirit and uplifted by the power of song. My thanks to all of them!”

Indeed, we’re deeply grateful for Galilee’s volunteers. Sorry, Bureau of Labor Statistics, but they are worth a whole lot more than $26.75. They’re worth the price that Jesus paid on the cross. And that’s everything.

Nancy and Chuck Weaver, who attend the Chapel and Galilee, help out at Serve Fair.


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