Galilee Church Wellness Challenge


Are you ready to get moving?

This Lent, we’re offering the Wellness Challenge. Ash Wednesday (Feb 14) to Easter Sunday (April 1) is a great time to strengthen our spirits as well as our bodies by thinking about the way we move in the world. Take a look at the challenges listed above and incorporate exercise into your daily life! Also, follow us on Facebook to receive a physical & spiritual challenges every day during Lent.
But there’s more! We’re preparing for a noncompetitive run. Come out and join us on March 31 at 8:30 am as we enjoy a 5k/10k run in the Broad Run Farms neighborhood, a one-mile Fun Run, or a Prayer Walk around the church grounds. You choose your level of exertion. It’s free and will be an opportunity for us to spend time together, praying and exercising as a church community. 
 Sign up for the 5k/10k and other March 31 wellness events here.
Take a look at our daily Lent challenges here.
Of course, a vital part of feeling well and attaining true health is sustained spiritual growth in relationship with God. So we invite you to attend our special Lent worship and study series, Moses. It’s a series based on the book by Adam Hamilton which looks at our great forerunner in faith. If you want to go deeper than the sermon, there will be a small group studying Moses at the 10:15 Grow Hour. You can find that in our Fellowship Hall, it’s led by Pam Bentley. 
Remember, we are creatures of body and spirit. God wants the best for us in all ways. Make Lent a time of real growth by responding to God’s love and grace. And get moving!

Not every step toward better wellness needs to be heavy exercise. Here are 40 easy suggestions, one for each day of Lent:

1. Drink 1 gallon of water a day
2. Get 8 hours of sleep every night
3. Wake up earlier to pray and spend time with God
4. Unplug and spend time outdoors
5. No social media for a day
6. Set a calendar reminder for every 30 minutes to get up and move
7. Cook at home: No eating out/fast food
8. No caffeine
9. Take vitamins
10. Eat a leafy green vegetable every day
11. Daily devotional
12. Park your car in the furthest parking spot
13. Stretch each morning
14. Plant something
15. Volunteer
16. Give up sweets
17. Donate an item every day
18. Call instead of texting
19. Only purchase necessities
20. Complete an act of kindness
21. Clean out an old closet
22. Cook a nutritious meal for someone else
23. Clean out your email box
24. Give a genuine compliment to three people
25. Start a new hobby
26. Memorize a new Bible verse
27. Write a letter and mail it to someone you admire or look up to
28. Organize your desk
29. Plan something to look forward to
30. Visit a new place
31. Think positive thoughts, no negativity!
32. Enjoy something that makes you laugh: book, movie, TV show
33. Set a new goal
34. Clean out your social media feeds
35. Conquer you have been postponing
36. Listen to your favorite music
37. Invite someone to your home
38. Let go of a grudge
39. Sing a song – reduce stress and have fun
40. Read a book and get lost in story