You’re Invited…to the Next Level


Next Level Innovations weekend is coming fast. Retreat activities will be held November 10-12. These are three days—Friday, Saturday, and Sunday—that may well change the direction your church is headed.

We invite you to be heard in this discernment weekend that will culminate in five ideas for new Galilee practices. We are calling these ideas, the “Five Innovations.”

What they are depends on what we hear from you.


  • Friday, November 10 – Newcomers Focus Group (7-9pm)
  • Saturday, November 11 – Hopes and Dreams Retreat (9:30-3:30)
  • Sunday, November 12 – Next Level Sunday (One Worship at 10am)


Newcomer’s Focus Group on Friday is designed for individuals and families who have been at Galilee for less than five years. If that’s you, even if you don’t consider yourself “new” (Galilee has members who have been attending since our founding in 1960!), click here to get involved.  We want to talk about what drew you to Galilee, your experiences here, and what you think we can improve to move our church from good to great. 

Hopes and Dreams Retreat runs six hours on Saturday. We recognize that this is a significant commitment of time, and we’re OK with that because Next Level Innovations is a significant moment in the life of the church. This will be a day for all Galilee attenders to receive spiritual nourishment through worship and small group discussion, and to make their voices heard in the discernment that will shape the future of the church. This all-church retreat will be the main idea laboratory from which the Five Innovations emerge, so register to attend now. 

At Next Level Sunday, there will be one worship service at 10am. We will hear results and input from both Friday and Saturday, as well as from our Youth Group (which will have a special Next Level breakout on November 5). The Five Innovations will be put to us as a congregation. These are the ideas we will be asked to reflect on and pray about. These are the ideas we will discuss in three town halls throughout November. These are the ideas that we will vote on in an up or down vote on Sunday, December 3.

Why is any of this necessary? Why go to the Next Level?

You have probably noticed that something like spiritual climate change means that fewer people seem to know the value of following Jesus. Fewer people are interested in attending and supporting a traditional church.

Galilee is in a good place compared to other congregations. We have considerable debt and expenses, but we also have modest growth in attendance and steady giving—at a time when many churches face cataclysmic decline.

In the decades to come, good churches are going to disappear. The churches that remain will be great churches. Great churches will steer the ship of faith in the 21st century and beyond.

If we want Galilee to live even after we’re gone, we’ve got to make it great. We’ve got to innovate. We’ve got to take Galilee to the next level.

Won’t you help us?


To register for the newcomers session on Friday, Nov. 10, please click here. For the Saturday Hopes and Dreams retreat, register here. Childcare is available for kids up to the 5th grade. Please register your children, so that we can ensure appropriate staffing.

Start off toward the Next Level right now! Take the anonymous and informative Real Discipleship Survey. Click here!