Our congregation is one of four Methodist churches that have been asked to help feed a group of local refugees in the coming months. The Methodist reputation for being food people strikes again!

Rebecca Makowski, our Director of Serve, describes this as a different challenge from feeding local students. “There is a very specific, culturally appropriate grocery shopping list we have been given for these refugees. This includes essential items like sugar and flour, but also perishables like fresh vegetables and halal meat.  It’s not the case that we can put in a box of prepared food and assume they know what it is.”

Galilee will be making grocery runs for our new neighbors once a month for some time. We estimate the cost of each monthly supply to be about $500.

You can help! Here is the link for sign-up with a list of specific foods that you can bring to church:

January 9: sign up list

We will make deliveries the next day. 

Thank you, if you feel called to help. The first step of putting Christ into the lives of these refugees is to meet them where they are, and they are in need.