Blanket Concerns

February 6, 2020

Galilee has a reputation as a church with a heart for kids and community. We’ve built relationships of trust with teachers and care coordinators that allows us to stand in the gap when children are in need. These relationships paid off last week when we learned that an area store had to step away from its role as a Project Linus collection point. 

We were able to step right in. Amy Utterback, our preschool director, volunteered Galilee Christian School as the place where knitters, quilters, and crafters can bring blankets they create for children in need. 

Blankets can be donated at Galilee Christian School. You’ll see a box outside the office.

Project Linus began in 1995 and has grown as an organization with 400 chapters in fifty states. Their mission is to provide security, warmth, and love with handmade blankets given to children who are traumatized by stressful situations like accidents, fires, or family emergencies. 

Galilee has worked with Project Linus before. Our own young people put together blankets as part of a week of community work known as Galilee SummerServe.

A warm blanket demonstrates love.

The blankets collected at Galilee Christian School will be go to local police officers, child rescue services, and firemen to give to cold and scared children in emergency or traumatizing situations. The gift of these blankets will let children know that there is a church—and a Creator—who cares.

“I think it is great that we are able to show our own preschoolers that we are helping others,” says Amy Utterback. “It’s never too early to teach them about giving back and providing for families in need.”

If you are a knitter, quilter, blocker, etc, and you’d like to get involved with Project Linus, you’ll find a Project Linus box in the hallway by preschool director Amy Utterback’s office.

You’ll find helpful patterns and blanket specifications here: