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Go Change the World

April 17, 2015 4:26 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Go Change the World We were brought into a relationship with God for a bold mission: to change the world. Not by sitting and listening, not by ministering to ourselves, but by being doers of the Word. Galilee’s worship series this April and May is called GO: CHANGE THE WORLD. Each Sunday we will learn how to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ by engaging in active faith.   Be. Go! Do.  

  • Week of May 31 - You Are Not Alone Watch | [powerpress url="http://www.galileeumc.org/wp-content/sermons/media/Sermon_05_31_2015.mp3"]Listen | GPS Guide
  • Week of May 24 - Church: Courage Over Complacency, Grace Over Guilt Watch | [powerpress url="http://www.galileeumc.org/wp-content/sermons/media/Sermon_05_24_2015.mp3"]Listen | GPS Guide
  • Week of May 17 - Church: The People, Not the Building Watch | [powerpress url="http://www.galileeumc.org/wp-content/sermons/media/Sermon_05_17_2015.mp3"]Listen | GPS Guide
  • Week of May 10 - Multiply the Love Watch | [powerpress url="http://www.galileeumc.org/wp-content/sermons/media/Sermon_05_10_2015.mp3"]Listen | GPS Guide
  • Week of May 3 - Micro > Macro Watch | [powerpress url="http://www.galileeumc.org/wp-content/sermons/media/Sermon_05_03_2015.mp3"]Listen | GPS Guide
  • Week of Apr 26 - Servants More than Spectators Watch | [powerpress url="http://www.galileeumc.org/wp-content/sermons/media/Sermon_04_26_2015.mp3"]Listen | GPS Guide
  • Week of Apr 19 - Inclusive More Than Exclusive Watch | [powerpress url="http://www.galileeumc.org/wp-content/sermons/media/Sermon_04_19_2015.mp3"]Listen | GPS Guide
  • Week of Apr 12 - Go Change the World Watch | [powerpress url="http://www.galileeumc.org/wp-content/sermons/media/Sermon_04_12_2015.mp3"]Listen | GPS Guide

The God We Can Know

April 17, 2015 1:40 am Published by Leave your thoughts

How can we know God? The Gospel of John is a good place to start. It has been called “the spiritual gospel,” because John, more than the other gospel writers, is concerned with revealing the nature and character of the Creator. A believer who wants to know God finds much to ponder in the seven “I Am” statements of Jesus recounted in John’s gospel. These statements, which echo God’s announcement of “I Am” to Moses in the Old Testament, use vivid imagery to capture our imagination and reveal the qualities of God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

  • Week of Apr 5 The God We Can Know "I Am the Resurrection and the Life" - Knowing God's Possibilities - Pastor Jason Duley
    Watch | [powerpress url="http://www.galileeumc.org/wp-content/sermons/media/Sermon_04_05_2015.mp3"]Listen | GPS Guide
  • Week of Mar 29 - The God We Can Know "I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life"-Knowing God's Way" - Pastor Jason Duley
    Watch | [powerpress url="/wp-content/sermons/media/Sermon_03_29_2015.mp3"]Listen | GPS Guide
  • Week of Mar 22 The God We Can Know "I Am the Vine"-Knowing God's Power" - Pastor Jason Duley
    Watch | [powerpress url="/wp-content/sermons/media/Sermon_03_22_2015.mp3"]Listen | GPS Guide
  • Week of Mar 15 The God We Can Know "I Am the Good Shepherd"-Knowing God's Care" - Pastor Jason Duley
    Watch | [powerpress url="/wp-content/sermons/media/Sermon_03_15_2015.mp3"]Listen | GPS Guide
  • Week of Mar 8 The God We Can Know "I Am the Light of the World"-Knowing God's Guidance"
    Watch | [powerpress url="/wp-content/sermons/media/Sermon_03_08_2015.mp3"]Listen | GPS Guide
  • Week of Mar 1 The God We Can Know "I Am the Bread of Life" - Pastor Jason Duley
    Watch | [powerpress url="/wp-content/sermons/media/Sermon_03_01_2015.mp3"]Listen | GPS Guide
  • Week of Feb 22 The God We Can Know "Knowing the Great I AM" - Pastor Jason Duley
    Watch | [powerpress url="/wp-content/sermons/media/Sermon_02_22_2015.mp3"]Listen | GPS Guide

Tough Questions? – Pastor Jason Duley

January 28, 2015 4:55 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Let’s face it, we have questions. Life can throw us the occasional curveball and in moments of doubt, our faith can be shaken because the questions we have seem unanswerable. Some of the toughest questions are the ones we worry no one else asks. But faith can answer even the most difficult questions. Open up your Bible and open up your mind with our  worship series, TOUGH QUESTIONS.

  • Week of Feb 8 - Tough Questions? "Can I be a Christian and not be part of a Church?" - Pastor Jason Duley Watch | [powerpress url="http://www.galileeumc.org/wp-content/sermons/media/Sermon_02_08_2015.mp3"]Listen | GPS Guide
  • Week of January 25 - Tough Questions? "Can I Have Faith AND Doubts?" - Pastor Jason Duley Watch | [powerpress url="/wp-content/sermons/media/Sermon_01_25_2015.mp3"]Listen | GPS Guide
  • Week of January 18 - Tough Questions? "Does Science Disprove Faith?" - Pastor Jason Duley Watch | [powerpress url="http://www.galileeumc.org/wp-content/sermons/media/Sermon_01_18_2015.mp3"]Listen | GPS Guide
  • Week of January 11 - Tough Questions? - "Who wrote the Bible?" - Pastor Jason Duley Watch | [powerpress url="http://www.galileeumc.org/wp-content/sermons/media/Sermon_01_11_2015.mp3"]Listen | GPS Guide
  • Week of January 4 - Tough Questions? "If God is good, why is there evil?" - Pastor Jason Duley Watch | [powerpress url="http://www.galileeumc.org/wp-content/sermons/media/Sermon_01_04_2015.mp3"]Listen | GPS Guide