Changing Lives at Mercy Hospital

February 7, 2019

Two years ago, Pastor Jason returned from a trip which he described as a God moment.  “One of the definitions of a “God moment” is finding yourself in a place where you can make a difference,” he said. “We can do that in Sierra Leone, which is in the midst of a maternal health crisis. A caesarian procedure costs about fifty dollars, but there’s no place to get one. Mothers and infants die because of this, but we’re going to stop that.”

Two years later, after fundraising pushes including annual sponsored marathons run by Jason, we’re pleased to announce that our ministry partner Mercy Hospital in Bo, Sierra Leone has opened a new $140,000 surgical wing. Complex operations, including c-sections, are now possible and lives are being changed.

Staff at Mercy Hospital celebrate the opening of the new surgical wing.

United Methodist Bishop John K. Yambasu led the dedication of the new wing on January 18, describing the process of building a surgical unit for Mercy Hospital as “a very, very long dream come true.“

“I’m the happiest person in this country today,” Bishop Yambuso said. “This is one of those times in the life of the church when everybody needs to raise our voices of praise and thanksgiving to God for all that he continues to do in our lives.”

The bishop thanked our ministry partners, Helping Children Worldwide, which worked with UMC congregations like Galilee and Floris to raise money for construction and equipment costs. He praised these churches for their passion, dedication and commitment.

Melody Curtiss, Helping Children Worldwide executive director, said the nonprofit is grateful to have been able to come alongside the bishop and Bo District superintendent, the Rev. Francis Charley, to attend to the healthcare needs of Bo. “It seemed a long road, but, with God’s help, we have arrived,” she said.

Curtiss noted that it takes more than money to do what Mercy Hospital has done. She said the hospital’s leadership and dedication is miraculous. “They are the very hands of God in their care for their patients,” she said.

Learn more about Mercy’s new surgical wing here.