1. All requests for activities held on church property are approved on a case by case basis and must  be submitted on our Building Use Request Form three weeks prior to desired use date. You MUST receive prior approval from the pastor and/or Trustees before you will be able to use church facilities.
  2. Requests will be reviewed once a week on Mondays by the Pastor. In order to make a decision the Pastor must have a  completely filled out Building Use Request Form.
  3. If approved, the following rules are applicable for use of the church and all church grounds: 


  • All groups are responsible for clean up after usage. 
  • All activities must be scheduled through the Church Office and the Pastor.       
  • All groups using the facility shall be cautious, using care in the protection of the facility and its contents.
  • All groups will be held responsible and liable for any damages. 
  • Based on the Trustees discretion, groups may be asked to provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance for the event. 
  • All furnishings shall remain in the facility.
  • Alcoholic beverages, drugs, smoking, profanity and firearms shall not be permitted on the property.


Any group or individual responsible for the use of the facilities, who fails to comply with the rules, shall not be approved for the privilege of using the facility in the future.

Please email buildinguse@galileeumc.org if you have additional questions.