Family Ministry at Galilee

March 5, 2020

Jesus has a heart for children and so does our church!

Galilee said goodbye to Children’s Director Bri Jones last Sunday, but our care for youngsters goes on. We’ve put in place an Interim Children’s Ministry Coordinator (see below), launched a new Family Grow Hour, and are planning a host of great events for kids this spring and summer.

Pastor Jason leads “Chapel Time” for our preschool students twice a week.

We launched a new Grow Hour group for children and families last month. With Children’s Church, it forms the main event for youngsters on Sunday mornings. Meeting in the gym at 10:15, it’s called Family Grow Hour.

Family Grow Hour opens with a fun ice breaker like Family Feud or bingo. Then kids and their families share a lesson. The current lesson is a short series called The Life of Tyler.

Children need to know that God loves them and has a plan for them, and it’s Galilee’s job to help mothers, fathers, and caregivers share that message. 

Kids and families learn together at Family Grow Hour.

We’re also proud to announce that Suzie Leftwich has joined us as Interim Children’s Ministry Coordinator. Suzie is a teacher with an impressive background. She holds a doctorate in special education concentrating on emotional handicaps and learning disabilities, as well as a masters of science and other degrees. She has extensive experience teaching at Florida universities. But equally important, Suzie loves Galilee.

And she has kids! 

Suzie Leftwich and her husband Charlie with Oliver and Sophie.

While Suzie takes the reins of our children’s programs, she won’t be doing it alone. Galilee’s family ministries—and all our ministries—are only as strong as the volunteers who build them.

If you have a heart for children like we do, and like Jesus does, consider reaching out to Suzie.

Strong volunteerism will insure that Family Grow Hour and Children’s Church, and our upcoming summer events like Crossings Skycroft Camp, Centrikid, Galilee Summer Serve, and Sports camp thrive and help kids build strong friendships and strong faith.