When you give to God through Galilee Church, we pledge to act with integrity to put your offering forward in a way that honors your faith and God. Your giving makes our ministries possible and funds our volunteer efforts to share the Gospel, to encourage full devotion in the followers of Christ, and to feed and comfort the under-resourced in Loudoun County.

Among other things, your giving supports:

Sunday school curriculum, snacks and supplies; youth group events; Bible studies; congregational care; worship and communion; volunteer teams; choir; audio and visual equipment; prayer ministry; mortgage and utility bills; facility maintenance; staff salaries; local and international missions – and more.

Sometimes it gets dark, but that’s not a problem at Galilee. We leave the lights on, in the parking lot for instance, so visitors can stay safe.
That isn’t cheap. It costs a lot of money to run those lights, and the heat, and the utilities and maintenance associated with a great building like ours. So why do we do it? Is there an upside to paying these bills, let alone the mortgage, or the office staff?
You bet there’s an upside.

The upside has a boring name in our budget: general church operations. That means keeping our lights on and our doors open, 365 days a year. Look who we touch when we do that:

Your church has needs.

But guess what? Money isn’t “the need.” It’s a solution. The needs are what show up at our door every day. The grieving family, the friends in fellowship, the troubled teenager, the praying stranger, the lonely soul, the soul needing Christ.
It’s our lights they see, and it’s God’s light they need. That’s why we keep the lights on.