Jesus Is the Center

January 16, 2020

At reBoot Winter Retreat, Galilee’s youth explored how to make Jesus the center of their lives in a fun, high-energy camp setting. Surrounded by hundreds of kids from diverse churches in Virginia and Maryland, our students worshipped, made friends, and formed an idea of who they were and who God is—away from the ordinary distractions of life.

The Allan Scott Band blew the kids away at worship/celebration sessions.

The theme of the weekend (Jan 10-12) was “Jesus Is the Center,” and the message was brought by Pastor James Choi in a series of challenging sermons that asked the kids to think for themselves: who do they say Jesus is? Is he just a figure from history, or a mere spiritual guru, or someone infinitely more important?

Christian led group discussions after worship.

As Family Ministry director Christian Lanzaro explained,  “ReBoot provided an opportunity for several of our youth to decide to move forward intentionally in the next phase of their spiritual lives. I was so happy and encouraged them to take the next steps in their journey by setting more time aside to communicate with God.”

Skycroft is a much-loved space for Galilee youth to get away from it all.

Asked about reBoot, Winston Smith, a high school sophomore, described the camp as “epic.” Neither he nor his sister, an eighth grader, would willingly miss a chance to hear the message, commune at Hebrews Coffee Shop, or join in the games and recreation. “The food is good, too,” says his sister, Beatrice.

The gagaball octagon is a camp favorite.

Winston and Beatrice’s dad, Chris, was a chaperone at reBoot. “To be honest, I try to stay out of my own kids’ way, so that they can spread their wings. But I get a kick out of getting to know the other campers, especially youth from Galilee. It’s awesome to hear their thoughts and share philosophies about life, religion, and the universe. Time away at camp is real grow time.”

Lily looks up a verse from John during group discussion.

reBoot is the premier winter event for Galilee’s middle and high school students. But we also go up to Skycroft in the summer time for CentriKid and reCHARGE camp (this year, reCHARGE is changing its name to “Crossings”). 

The spirit and camaraderie that kids develop at Skycroft is maintained at Sunday Youth Group and at every youth event like Vacation Bible School (Sports Camp), Galilee SummerServe, and even international missions like Costa Rica. 

Kyle’s athletic skill keeps him in the center of Nine Square in the Air.

The more involved your kids are in Youth Group, the more they are going to get out of church. Their faith will be stronger, because it will be based on their own discoveries and experiences—not just on talk.  That’s important, our reBooters know, because Jesus is the Center of a full and fully-realized life.

Check out pics from reBoot: