Why the Leftwich Family Loves Galilee

April 5, 2018
This spring, we’re reading someone else’s mail. We’re exploring the letters of 1 John, where the apostle wrote on the theme of love. We also want to hear from you–why do you love your church? If you have a story, send your love letter to info@galileeumc.org.  
The Leftwich family loves Galilee! Suzie Leftwich wrote us an email explaining what the church means to them:

“When my family moved to Virginia a couple of years ago, we searched for a church in which my husband, two young children, and I could grow spiritually. Galilee met this criterion and ohhh so much more.

On our first visit, Mickie Stalcup greeted our family with a warmth that made us feel ‘right at home.’ We felt that the sermon we heard that Sunday was scripturally based, delving into the Word in its historical context and applying it to our present-day realities. Our then five-year-old son loved his Bible class, too. So we visited Galilee again. And again and again….

The Leftwich family: Suzie and Charlie with Oliver and Sophie.

The warmth that my family felt from that day continues now, fifteen months later, and not just when we walk through Galilee’s doors. Wonderful people lifted me up in prayer and sent encouraging messages during my short stint in the hospital! Rebecca Makowski and her children made and hand-delivered the most delicious and comforting loaf when I came home! 

Not only do the people we met through Galilee care about us whilst sick, but also in health. Pastor Jason sends personal birthday wishes. Bri teaches and cares for my children with love, joy, and compassion. Pam creates wonderful experiences for Galilee’s youth that foster healthy relationships and community service! At Galilee, my family gets to meet and fellowship with other families decorating gingerbread houses, walking (or running) a 5k/10K, hunting for Easter eggs, engaging in small-group bible studies, participating in trunk-or-treat, eating delicious Thanksgiving and Easter meals, rehearsing for and participating in Christmas plays…just to name a few of the incredible activities and events that we have thoroughly enjoyed. 

Imagine showing and spreading this generous love beyond the people of Galilee! Well, our church does and with cheerful hearts to boot! Volunteers work hard to ensure that hundreds of hungry children in our county have food through the Backpack Buddies program. Folks travel far to provide life-saving support to a school and hospital in the West African country of Sierra Leone. 

Galilee’s staff works tirelessly to coordinate service projects for children and youth throughout the year, getting them involved in the community, teaching them the importance and value of helping others. I love that my children (as well as my husband, Charlie, and I) are learning God’s Word in this service-oriented environment. I am so proud to be part of a church community that practices what Jesus preaches!

Simply put, I love my church because of its people. Their generous hearts and spirits, genuineness, kindness, and compassion are qualities that Charlie and I hope and pray are instilled in our children. At Galilee, they are well on their way. We are grateful that our church family includes wonderful role models for them!

Thank you!”

We’d love to hear your story. Tell us what brought you to Galilee, why you love it, and what our loving God has done in your life. Send an email to info@galileeumc.org with your thoughts. We love you!