Opening Doors

January 23, 2020

When workmen showed up at Galilee on Wednesday morning to install an automatic door opener, they were coming to do a job that Bruce Vibbert made possible. Bruce was a tireless volunteer who worked to maintain and improve our church grounds and facilities.

Despite facing serious health challenges, Bruce always showed up with a smile—and just as often, chocolate chip cookies—to show love for others through service.

An automatic door opener will make church more accessible for those with permanent or temporary disabilities.

Bruce passed away in September of last year and although he left a hole in our church family, he also left behind plans for further work. He and the Primetimers group raised money to install an automatic door opener for those who need readier access to the church. Fortunately, before he left us Bruce knew the job was a go.

Jeff Appel (l) worked with Bruce Vibbert (r) on the door opener and many other projects.

“Open doors” is a frequently quote slogan of the United Methodist Church, as we seek to welcome anyone—sinner or saint, native or immigrant, committed Christian or the opposite—into a relationship with Jesus Christ. Bruce Vibbert embodied that slogan in a way that was concrete and real. 

We thank Bruce and all his helpmates. 

Pastor Jason and the office staff take a moment to appreciate the new door. Trustee Seth Campbell oversaw its installation.

Come to worship at Galilee this Sunday, and feel free to use the automatic door. It works!