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Parents, you are the most important influence in your child’s life. If reading that just caused you to panic, the good news is that you are not in it alone. Our Family Ministry team is walking right beside you, and we’re happy to present our Online Library of Parenting Classes.

These 4 minute videos created by Ministry to Parents tackle difficult issues. They are designed to encourage and empower parents to navigate the challenges of raising teenagers. Below find the complete library of 30 videos.

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"The Power of the Family Goal " - Parenting is not just a role parents play, but a God-given mission to live out each day. This month’s Online Parenting Class is about parents setting goals for their family as part of seeking out God’s direction.

"Empowering Your Teen to Say No (Controlling Schedules)" - This online parent class is all about schedules and helping parents empower their teen to say no. Hopefully, it will inspire parents to follow the guidance God gifted us: we gain wisdom by managing our time (days).

"The 3 Seasons of Being a Teenager" - This video discusses the three seasons of being a teenager. In it, we identify the calm waters, choppy waters, and storms. We help parents understand what season a teen is in to help them have empathy for their teen.

"Rage vs Anger" - This video explains the difference between rage and anger. Many times a parent labels a teen as angry, but they are actually experiencing rage (a loss of control manifests itself in yelling and sometimes physical outbursts).​

"Strategies for Blended Families" - Blended families are no longer the exception to the rule because they represent about half of the families. The transition is hard when children are younger, but in the tween/ teen years, it takes on a whole new level of work. This video gives blended families four simple, practical steps to a better strategy for their home.​

"Connecting Through the Written Word" - This video addresses an issue common to most parents in this day and age—how teens communicate primarily through the written word rather than face to face (or even verbally, over the phone).

"Their Safe Place" - A teen’s home is the one place they feel safe to let down their guard and release what may be pent up inside. This video focuses on how teens are notorious for saving their raging fits for parents within their homes and how parents can react during these times.

"Developing Gratefulness in Your Teen" - Human beings are designed by God to live within a posture of grateful worship. A parent's job is to gently turn their hearts from an attitude of ungratefulness into a heart of gratitude. This video gives parents help as they develop gratefulness in their teen.

"Teaching Your Teen Responsibility" - This Online Parenting Class talks about the importance of teaching pre-teens and teens what responsibility is. When they learn to do things for themselves, they take one more step into adulthood.

"Helping Your Teen Develop a Personal Devotional Life" - This video focuses on the importance of teens establishing their life-long spiritual path. If teens can develop healthy spiritual rhythms now, they are more likely to continue them as they head into adulthood.​

"3 Questions to Help Your Teenager to Start Talking" - This video equips parents to begin conversations with their teen. It offers ideas on conversations that does not push a teen away or invite “helicopter-style” parenting.

"A Godly Relationship vs. a Good Friendship with Your Teen" - God the Father is the perfect model of a parent. This Online Parenting video encourages parents to consider the difference between parenting teens as their friend compared to parenting in a way that reflects a godly relationship.

"Teaching Your Teen to Be a Good Example to Younger Siblings" - Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to establish a loving relationship, siblings do not get along. This video focuses on helping a child be a good example to younger siblings.

"Do I Parent With Shame?"- In this Online Parenting Class, parents are asked to consider whether they grew up in a “Toxic Shame” environment and to find how they react when they are hurt. Even if parents learned shame-based parenting when they were young, there is still hope. Healing can occur.​

"Shame Versus Guilt: Overcoming Guilt-Trip Parenting" - “Psychological control” is defined as using guilt, withdrawing love, fostering anxiety, or being manipulative to control a child. This style of parenting includes a father giving the silent treatment or, it could be a mom saying, “If you loved me, you wouldn’t do things like that.” This video includes two things you can do to guard against “guilt-trip parenting.”​

"Punishment vs Discipline" - God uses discipline to instruct and correct us toward maturity. We are to use discipline to guide our son or daughter toward maturity. Ultimately, the goal is to raise young adults who make wise decisions that benefit them and reflect God’s character. This video helps parents create a safe environment for teens to open up and talk about discipline.

"Parenting Yourself" - Parents need to guard their spiritual and mental health by withdrawing at times to hear from God and be filled up, renewed, and restored. Then, they can re-enter their “world” of parenting with a new perspective—rejuvenated and encouraged. This video focuses on “Parenting Yourself so that you can be a better parent to your tween/teen.”​

"Combating Shame" - This video encourages parents as they uncover what is going on their tween or teen’s heart and mind to help them deal with shame. Rather than sweeping the issue under the carpet, they can help their teen put into words what they are feeling.

"Power of Empathy" - Empathy is a Christ-like trait that as parents, we should strive to foster and model for our kids. However, that’s easier said than done. Jesus was the perfect example of One who was not self-focused but esteemed others as better than Himself. Jesus was empathetic. This video helps parents guide tweens and teens to be Christ-like.​

"Avoiding Power Struggles With Your Teen" - The teen years are a time of independence while beginning new responsibilities. Along with new responsibilities also discovering comes power, and that is where the struggle begins. This video focuses on the power struggle between teens and parents

"Parents and Prodigals" - Some children go through a prodigal season. For some, it is not as tough, and for others, it is a long season as a family. This video offers powerful Biblical advice, based on the story of the Prodigal Son in Luke, along with some additional reflection questions for parents to discuss.​

"Moms and Sons" - This video is all about mother-son relationships. A son’s relationship and connection with his mom is a powerful thing. It truly shapes the kind of man he will grow up to be, but it also influences the type of father and husband he chooses to be as well.

"Dads and Daughters - Being a pre-teen/teen dad is a special calling and deserves a God-sized round of applause and an extra dose of Godly help. This video will share some quick, helpful words about dads connecting with their daughters.

"No Perfect Parent" - Raising tweens/teens is not easy, and without realizing it, we can become swept up in trying to control how they turn out. When we hold unattainable expectations about our children, we are bound to be let down and feel like we have failed. This video encourages parents to trust in God’s perfection and not their expectations.

"Helping Your Teen Handle Money" - This video provides four ways parents can coach their kids when it comes to money. 1. Encourage work early. 2. Open a checking account and get them a debit card. 3. Don’t pay for everything. 4. Teach generosity and savings

"Cyber Bullying" - Students, through social media, texting and messaging, find new ways to bully each other. Parents need to be aware, have conversations, and create the guidelines that will protect the mind, heart, and reputation of their child. This short video helps start the conversation about cyberbullying in our ministry and homes.

"Becoming the Advisor Your Teen Needs" - As a teen grows and matures, there is a shift that happens in the role a parent plays. You go from “controller” to “adviser” as they earn more and more freedom and independence. This video is about how parents can make the shift from being in complete control to being a Godly adviser for their teen.​

"Leveraging the Dinner Table" - A regular family meal a few times a week changes a teen’s long-term physical health and has shown even to improve their grades! What?!? This video encourages parents to choose a few days a week to prioritize family meal nights.

"Helping Your Teen With Stress" - This video discusses how high levels of emotion fill the pre-teen and teenage years, and when combined with the pressure of school, can lead to overwhelming feelings of stress and anxiety.

"Help, My Teen is Pulling Away" - In the teenage years, a shift occurs from dependency to seeking independence. This video offers four simple hints to help parents when their student begins the natural process of “pulling way.”