Not Losing Focus: Virtual VBS

July 23, 2020


Our summer tradition of filling the church for a week with hundreds of screaming, excited children at Vacation Bible School (VBS) was thwarted by Covid-19.

Alas, in-person VBS was not possible—but getting kids excited about Jesus is always on the agenda at Galilee. We’re there for kids stuck at home in need of a fun and faithful guidance, so we weren’t going to let them lose a week of games, crafts, Bible stories, mission, worship and prayer.

Our “VBS” became “VVBS.” We went online with a virtual Vacation Bible School experience called “Focus.”


Vacation Bible School on the back deck.


Hebrews 12:2 says, “Let us keep looking to Jesus. He is the one who started this journey of faith. And he is the one who completes the journey of faith.”

Our week-long theme was a “Focus” on Jesus. Twenty students (preschool through sixth grade) discovered how to trust in what they can’t see because of what they can see—putting the “Focus” on God and His amazing plan for us. They also had a blast doing it.


Craft time at Focus VBS.


VBS-ers explored four different avenues of focus on God: hearing, talking, praying, and living. Content came through engaging videos that told stories, led songs, and explained how to play games and make crafts. Kids would watch these fun and faith-filled videos to explore how, for example, listening to others helps us focus on God. Or how when we talk to others, we can talk about Jesus.

Materials were provided to all participants in a convenient kit which included a “Focus” VBS t-shirt and supplies for the crafts. One parent remarked, “You all knocked VBS out of the park with these kits!”


Children’s Coordinator Suzie Leftwich distributed kits for VBS on a hot summer day.


Galilee’s virtual VBS partnered with Soles4Souls, an organization that turns unwanted shoes and clothing into opportunity. Sending Soles4Souls our shoes does more than reuse them. The very process provides relief by creating jobs and empowering people to break the cycle of poverty across the globe.


Shoes 4 Souls4Souls!


Every day, Galilee’s VBS participants learned something new about this great organization. Then they donated shoes to help in its mission.

At the end of each busy virtual Vacation Bible School day, Galilee’s Associate Pastor Geitra Mickelson brought the message home with a video. Geitra and members of her family got in on the fun by leading kids in discussion and prayer.

Fun was had by all at VBS as we FOCUSED on God!


VBS-ers focus with the help of Pastor Geitra and her daughter.


We’ll have a video wrap-up of Focus Vacation Bible School to share on a future Sunday. It’s not done yet, since not all families are doing our Vacation Bible School at the same time. That’s another word kids have had to learn in 2020….”asynchronous.”

In your prayers, please continue to “focus” on kids today. They are dealing with “social distance” in a newly uncertain and confusing world. Thank God we know He is with them.