Virtual Virtuosos


August 13, 2020

Galilee has been unable to worship in our traditional manner, in the sanctuary and in person, since March. It’s an unfortunate reality of the COVID-19 era. But much as we have adapted other parts of our life, like work and recreation and school, we’ve adapted our worship by going online. And unlike some of those other areas, online worship works!

Our adaptivity was proven last Sunday with two remarkable pieces of worship music: the choir’s virtual Doxology and Abby Beckelhimer’s amazing “four handed” Ode to Joy.

We’re posting both here so that you can enjoy them again.





Galilee’s choir director Jordan Markwood admits its sometimes hard to get everyone to sing in harmony when they’re together in one room. When they are in eight rooms, trying to get timing and tone right over the internet, it’s a genuine challenge!

Jordan made it work though, with Galilee choir stars (clockwise) Mary Lacy Grecco, Bob Harney, Maddie Nel, Tom Heitfield, Kathy Butler, Jordan, Tordis Fahringer on piano, and (all the way from California) Ron Stuebing.

“The software I used was Final Cut Pro,” Jordan says.  “The process can be daunting, because the singer records a cappella. Many people don’t like that and judge themselves quickly.  I am extremely appreciative of those who ventured into this new realm of making music so that we could see their friendly faces in worship.”

“I will say that on our last Choir Zoom call, Dee Stuebing was complaining that Ron was practicing all the time…it was hilarious. She said she was annoyed because she didn’t want to start hating the Doxology! LOL.”

Galilee’s virtual choir is ready to begin their next project, which is Doxology 95 with harmony parts. If you’ve never sung with the choir but are are interested in joining, contact Jordan. You can be a part of Galilee Global’s livestream worship.




Abby Beckelhimer recorded an amazing Beethoven arrangement for us as a postlude to Sunday’s worship. Tordis Fahringer says about this piece:

“In case you missed the Postlude this past Sunday, it was “Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee” arranged for 4-hand piano duet—with both parts played by Abby Beckelhimer.”

“Abby and I had planned to perform this as a duet sometime in the spring, but with COVID policies in place, that wasn’t a viable option. So Abby, a rising senior at Potomac Falls High School and a long-time member of Galilee, decided to record all four parts herself! Making it even more special is that Abby is playing on the piano that Galilee choir member Kathy Butler gave to her family a few years back. Enjoy!”