Galilee is back to in person worship, no registration required. Masks are recommended. 


Galilee 9am Worship – led by Pastors Jason Duley and Geitra Mickelson. Worship music led by Jordan Markwood with the usual ensemble of Galilee musicians. This service includes programming for families with young children and youth.

Chapel 10am Worship – led by Pastor Steve Hall at Lansdowne Woods.

Each service is offered in person and through our livestream channels and will always be available on demand. 

We’re ordinary people called to be together as a community of faith that knows and trusts in Jesus Christ. We’re still online every Sunday at 9am, but we’d love for you to join us in person. Because we’re not just reopening church, we’re helping to rebuild what it means to be a congregation, a community, and even a country. To do that, we need to come together.

We hope you join us in person for worship this Sunday. No registration required.

If you feel a tug on your heart to pursue more profound spiritual growth, look into our Small Groups.

Looking for a reason to to come back to church?

Here are ten reasons:

  • Church connects us with God – At church we focus on our true connection, not our internet connection.
  • Church connects us socially – You can still text your friends if you want, but you’ll also have to say hello to people.
  • Church reminds us to be grateful – As we lift up prayers in front of others, we remember our sorrows and our blessings. God is with us in both.
  • Church puts us on the same page with the people in our lives – Be that our spouse, our kids and parents, or our friends and neighbors, the souls who gather with you in a pew are there for a reason.
  • Church allows us space to feel awe – It’s no illusion, the Spirit is with us in church.
  • Church encourages us to give back – We offer gifts at every service because we know our treasure is from God.
  • Church teaches forgiveness and grace – While institutions in society offer conflict, the church asks us to walk humbly.
  • Our hearts are filled with song at church – Song is better than bitterness, anger, loneliness, grief, or despair!
  • Church is where we find meaning – How many times has a sermon struck your heart with just the right word? That’s not coincidence.
  • Church is good for you – Research shows that people who regularly attend church report stronger support networks and less depression. They smoke and drink less and lead healthier lives.