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Among the most comforting words in the Bible is a promise that Jesus made that the doors of heaven were open to his friends and followers: “Today you will be with me in paradise.”

Jesus wasn’t talking to a church goer, or a big wheel, or a VIP. He was talking to a sinner. The promise is that we, with all our faults, no matter how short we fall, have a place beside Jesus in heaven. Heaven is bigger and better than we can ever imagine. 

We can have confidence that, as Christ said, our Father in heaven has prepared room for us. But what can we know about our place there? We certainly can’t know everything! Heaven’s amenities aren’t listed on Expedia or Tripadvisor. But as it is forever, we ought to think about what it looks like to dwell with God in eternal life.

Galilee’s June worship series is called Heaven: Dare to Imagine Joy Everlasting. In this series, we will contemplate Biblical, historical, and contemporary notions of heaven.

The series throughout June:

June 5 – “Paradise: You’re Invited” – Luke 23:39-43

June 12 – “Life After Life” – John 11

June 19 – “Spiritualized Bodies” – 1 Corinthians 15

June 26 – “A New Heaven and a New Earth” – Revelation 21:1-5

You might consider reading the books “Imagine Heaven” by John Burke or “Heaven” by Randy Alcorn as background for this series.

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Suggested Reading

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