Jesus Gets Us

If you go outdoors on one of these crisp, clear October nights (somewhere away from Northern Virginia light pollution), you’ll be treated to an astronomical display that is as ordinary as it is extraordinary. It’s the regular spectacle of lights in the sky: star after numberless star, galaxy after galaxy after galaxy. The universe appears so vast and magnificent that our little human lives feel meaningless in comparison. Until we remember that the Creator of the Universe created us also; and more, that He loves us.

Christianity is a faith that teaches us that God doesn’t love us in the abstract or from a distance. In Christ, God walked with us. He knows what it is to be human. He’s been there; He understands. Jesus cares about us. 

He gets us.

Jesus gets us—not in a remote way, but in the midst of our daily lives. With all our garbage.

This October, we’re opening the gospel of Matthew and looking at its lessons on the ways Jesus understands the human condition—and his prescription for living the abundant life that God desires for all of us. Pastor Jason will be teaching a weekly lesson from Matthew on the Galilee YouTube channel, while on Sundays we focus on four key takeaways from Jesus’s understanding of what it means to be a human being: 

Jesus Gets Us:

October 2 – Jesus Gets Us: When We Are Down – Matthew 5:1-5 

October 9 – Jesus Gets Us: When We Couldn’t Care Less – Matthew 5:6-10

October 16 – Jesus Gets Us: When We Are Heavy Hearted – Matthew 5:13-16, 6:22-23

October 23 – Jesus Gets Us: When We Are Anxious – Matthew 6:24-34

This sermon series ties in to a national campaign called “He Gets Us,” which seeks to to create cultural change in the way people think about Jesus and his relevance in our lives. When seekers see the ads about Jesus on TV or the internet, they are encouraged to call or text any questions they have. Galilee is one of the partner churches that have agreed to answer these calls and texts.

Galilee is open for in-person worship at 10am on Sundays. We also have many resources for you to worship via livestream.